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Motivational tips for weight loss post-surgery

Motivational tips for weight loss post-surgery


  • Make a list of all the reasons you want to lose weight. Are you losing weight so you can look and feel sexy again? Do you want to live longer? Do you want to walk up flights of stairs without losing your breath? Write every reason you think of down on pieces of paper, then hang them throughout your home or put them in your car so you are faced with reading them each and every day. Constant reminders about why you want to lose weight will help keep you motivated about your weight-loss goals.
  • Buy new, amazing clothing in smaller sizes. Of course, you want to be realistic — if you're a woman's size 18, you probably don't want to buy clothing in a size 6 or 8 (at least not right away!), but buying nice, new clothes in a few sizes smaller will motivate you to lose weight so you can fit into those clothes, and soon! Hang the new clothes next to the current clothing in your closet so you can see them every day, and be reminded that soon you'll be able to fit into them.
  • Reward yourself throughout your weight-loss journey. Rewards will help balance out your determination, and give you a much-needed break from your daily routine. Eating a small portion of your favorite snacks or dessert once per week can be your reward if you want, but rewards don't always have to be in the form of food! Instead, reward yourself with a new piece of clothing (maybe even workout clothing), buy yourself a new tech gadget, or go see a new movie. Rewards will help keep you motivated throughout your weight-loss journey.
  • Stay off the scale. Losing pounds is great — but if you're working out and exercising, remember that as your body changes, you could be putting on pounds of muscle before you start losing pounds of fat. Focus on sizes instead – if you're losing inches of your body and fitting into smaller clothing sizes, you're doing great! If stepping on the scale tends to stress you out, then just stay away! Focus on sticking to your current diet and exercise plan.
  • Spend more time with healthy people who enjoy exercising and staying fit. This doesn't mean you should stop spending time with your other (less-healthy) friends completely, but research and studies have shown that you are subconsciously influenced by the people you spend time with. Eating healthy lunches or exercising with others places your brain in a mindset that recognizes these types of activities as "normal," which can strongly aid in your weight-loss!
  • These are just a sample of motivational weight-loss tips to get you excited about your post-surgery life. If you have other motivational strategies in mind, make sure you follow them on your new journey to losing weight.
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