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One man’s brave display of excess skin after LAP-BAND surgery

One man’s brave display of excess skin after LAP-BAND surgery

“I lost 270 pounds in the last six years,” said Matt Diaz in his video clip a few weeks ago. “When I was 16 years old, I weighed about 495 pounds at my heaviest weight.”

However, Matt’s journey isn’t complete yet. He’s lost the weight and is continuing with his journey toward self-acceptance and love of his new body. Matt has been documenting his weight loss through a series of social media posts to share his journey with the world. Due to the amount of weight he has lost, Matt’s skin hangs loose on his body. Matt recently felt the need to show everyone what he truly looked like without his shirt on.

“I think it’s important that we learn to love the bodies we’re in, even if we don’t necessarily like every little thing about them,” he said. “However, in the time I’d been writing and talking about it, I’d never actually shown my excess skin to anyone. It felt dishonest somehow, to others and to myself."

Matt’s video documents how difficult it is for him to take off his shirt and show everyone what he looks like. He comments that he is scared and has never done this before.

“Honestly, I was beyond terrified to post that video,” he wrote.

Matt created a GoFundMe campaign with the video to raise $20,000 for excess skin removal surgery and by the time this article was written, he had more than 2,300 donors and more than $56,000 in his campaign.

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