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Tips for eating out after weight-loss surgery

Eating out after weight-loss surgery doesn’t have to be stressful! Take a look at some of these helpful tips you can adopt the next time you plan on dining out.

  • Request a half-portion of your meal. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate your request for smaller-sized portions. However, if they don’t, request a to-go box upfront so you can immediately put at least half of your meal into the to-go box and save for later.
  • Order lean-protein meals. Check out the fish, turkey, and chicken meal options, which are the healthier alternatives to heavier red meats or meals with high amounts of carbs and breading, such as chicken pot pies.
  • Substitute potatoes, rolls, and other high-carb side items with vegetables.
  • Order from the appetizer menu. Skip over the fried mozzarella sticks and nachos and go for healthier appetizers such as shrimp, hummus, stuffed mushrooms, olives, or salad.
  • Avoid all fried foods. Make sure that the meals you choose are grilled, baked, roasted, or steamed.
  • Request that all salad dressings, gravies, and sauces be served on the side, and not on top of your main course.
  • Order from the “light” or “low-carb” menu. Many restaurants have a healthier menu prepared specifically for those who wish to be health-conscious while dining out.

Before you dine out for the first time following weight-loss surgery, consult with your bariatric surgeon or nutritionist to gain additional tips and pointers. Your surgeon may have some great recommendations for how to handle yourself and what to eat when dining out.

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