Post-surgical diets


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Weight-loss surgery patients have special dietary considerations. If you have a LAP-BAND, you'll need to get used to separating your food and drink and avoiding "slider" foods that can easily pass through your band. Gastric bypass patients will need to learn which foods cause negative reactions such as dumping syndrome. Learn how to successfully plan meals to get the best results from your weight-loss surgery.

The benefits of planning meals as a LAP-BAND patient

Life after LAP-BAND surgery can be a difficult and enlightening experience, not to mention overwhelming. Completely changing your diet can be a hard process, especially if you attend a lot of social functions or still spend a lot of time dreaming about unhealthy food you can no longer eat. However, planning meals ahead of time can help you educate yourself about what foods are safe to eat and will keep you prepared for almost any situation.

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Tips for eating out after weight-loss surgery

Eating out at restaurants after undergoing weight-loss surgery can be just as enjoyable, if not more, than it was prior to surgery. Considering your stomach is much smaller and is limited to smaller portions, you can either take joy in sharing meals with others, eating smaller dishes such as appetizers, and best of all, take at least half of your meal home to eat later on.

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Tips for transitioning to healthier eating

As obesity rates continue to climb in the United States, more and more people are starting to make the effort to lose weight and transition to clean, healthy eating. Every year, millions of Americans commit to exercising more, eating healthier, and doing whatever it takes to help them lose weight.

Realistically, only a small percentage of those Americans are actually able to follow through with their weight-loss goals, and many attribute their failure to difficulties with transitioning over to a healthy diet.

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Weight-loss surgery and coffee

For many people, coffee is the vital ingredient needed to get the day off to a great start. For those who consume large amounts of coffee on a regular basis, drinking coffee can often relieve headaches and help you feel relaxed. However, when it comes to weight-loss surgery, your bariatric surgeon or nutritionist may recommend that you cut back on your coffee intake or stop drinking it altogether.

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NYU program teaches surgery patients how to eat out

To help LAP-BAND patients adjust to the realities of dining out after surgery, a weight-loss surgery center in New York regularly treats its patients to dinners out.

“One of the things after you have bariatric surgery, particularly the LAP-BAND surgery, there's anxiety about what you are going to be able to eat to blend into normal society and eat restaurant meals,” says Dr, George Fielding of the NYU Langone Weight Management Program.

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