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Hair loss after weight-loss surgery

Hair loss can be frightening and traumatic for many patients, but it is usually not noticeable by others. Hair growth typically returns to normal as your weight stabilizes, and should return to its normal thickness about six month after the hair loss subsides (approximately one year post-surgery). Try these steps to help prevent hair loss and encourage re-growth.

Try these steps to help prevent hair loss and encourage re-growth.

  • Be sure to meet your protein requirements. Protein deficiency can result in hair loss, as well as weak nails, dry skin, lethargy, muscle soreness, headaches, and nausea. At every meal, eat your protein first, and follow it with fresh fruits and vegetables to provide adequate nutrition.
  • Take any supplements recommended by your doctor or nutritionist. Zinc can also help combat hair loss. Some patients also find that it helps to take biotin, a B vitamin that helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins, and may help renew the generation of hair cells. Biotin is naturally found in salmon, cauliflower, bananas, egg yolks, and legumes.
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine, which will keep your metabolism and thyroid functioning optimally. Proper thyroid function stimulates the release of hormones that can contribute to hair growth.
  • Try not to worry about hair loss. Worrying about it will create undue stress that can hinder your weight loss and contribute to more hair loss.
  • Limit your use of heated styling tools, which can damage brittle hair and cause breakage. Avoid using excessive hair products, which can clog hair follicles and further hinder hair growth.
  • Try hair care products designed to improve the texture and appearance of thinning hair. These products do not stimulate hair growth, but will make your hair appear thicker and fuller until it grows back in. Prescription medications that promote hair re-growth are typically not necessary, as hair usually starts to grow back on its own.
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