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Using an online calorie tracker

Keeping a food journal is an essential part of learning about your eating choices during your weight-loss journey. Food journals allow you to observe, evaluate, and ultimately change your food choices and your reasons for eating. Many people think they are following their doctor's orders and maintaining a healthy diet, but are surprised by their actual food choices and calorie intake when they see it displayed in front of them.

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Pushing past weight-loss plateaus

LAP-BAND patients sometimes find that their weight plateaus several months after surgery. These periods of stagnation can be extremely frustrating: you may be doing everything you can to follow your doctor's and nutritionist's advice, but the numbers on the scale still aren't budging. Getting past these rough spots may require switching up your routine and re-examining some of your habits.

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The benefits of planning meals as a LAP-BAND patient

Life after LAP-BAND surgery can be a difficult and enlightening experience, not to mention overwhelming. Completely changing your diet can be a hard process, especially if you attend a lot of social functions or still spend a lot of time dreaming about unhealthy food you can no longer eat. However, planning meals ahead of time can help you educate yourself about what foods are safe to eat and will keep you prepared for almost any situation.

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