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Celebrities help market weight-loss solutions, but friends keep you motivated

Celebrities help market weight-loss solutions, but friends keep you motivated

These two questions lie at the heart of trying new diets. Celebrity endorsements are popular as you see famous faces adorning an ad telling you about a solution they tried that worked for them. A few favorites include Marie Osmond, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Hudson, who all endorsed the products that helped them lose weight. However, two recent statistics say opposite things about celebrity endorsement.

Weight Watchers is known for its famous endorsers, and when it switched to marketing real women who successfully lost weight using the program, profits reportedly took a dip. Nutrisystem continues to promote its spokeswoman and reportedly touts a membership increase of 13 percent. These weight-loss company statistics point to the idea that celebrity endorsements work to get your attention and keep you motivated to stick with a program.

However, a recent study published in the Journal of Healthcare Engineering found that celebrities don’t successfully keep you inspired to lose weight. Instead, it’s your friends who count when you want to get and stay motivated. After studying people with friends who already had lost weight or had a high BMI, researchers found that those people lost more weight than people who didn’t have these connections. Seeing your friends successfully lose weight helps you stay motivated and try a diet they tried because it comes down to being motivated by the people you see on a daily basis, not the ones you see on tv or in a magazine.

Read more about the celebrity endorsement impact on weight-loss programs and the celebrity endorsement study.

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