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Comedian Mikey Robins loses weight with the LAP-BAND

Comedian Mikey Robins loses weight with the LAP-BAND

When Mikey began his career as a comedian several years later, he used obesity as a punchline for many of his jokes, but was secretly very unhappy with his health and physical appearance. Mikey states that his least favorite part of every day was shaving, because he was forced to look at himself in the mirror.

In 2003, Mikey was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, which then led to a series of additional diagnoses that included type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, poor mobility, and abnormal liver function.

In 2006, Mikey decided to undergo LAP-BAND surgery in an effort to lose weight. By that time, Mikey weighed in at over 330 pounds. In the months that followed LAP-BAND surgery, Mikey managed to lose a total of 143 pounds.

After losing most of his excess weight, Mikey admits that he is now much happier with his physical appearance, as well as with his life and health in general. He enjoys buying clothes now that he can fit comfortably into traditional sizes, whereas before his weight-loss surgery, salespeople primarily ignored him because he was too overweight to fit into most clothing sizes. Although Mikey has lost a significant amount of weight post-surgery, he admits that his weight still bounces around as a result of touring, and not being able to make time every day for the gym. However, Mikey’s food portions are much smaller than what they used to be prior to surgery. Today, Mikey continues to perform stand-up comedy and also continues to host Good News Week in Australia.

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