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Journalist Anne Diamond turns to gastric banding for weight loss

Journalist Anne Diamond turns to gastric banding for weight loss

UK-based journalist Anne Diamond is a regular columnist for the Daily Mail, has starred as the host of Good Morning Britain, and currently speaks on a number of radio and television talk shows. Throughout her career, Anne has battled problems with weight loss, and finally turned to adjustable gastric banding to help her achieve a normal, healthy weight.

After giving birth to her children several years into her career, Anne topped out at 220 pounds and experienced multiple problems with her health. At the end of each day, her ankles were swollen, her body ached, she had problems breathing, and her blood pressure was high due to carrying excess weight. Anne’s costume designer even grew frustrated with Anne’s weight gain when her clothing failed to fit in an attractive manner for television.

Eager to lose her excess weight, Anne met with physicians to learn about her best options for weight loss. She was disappointed to find that none of her doctors recommended weight-loss surgery, and resorted to trying a series of diets and diet pills she was prescribed for her condition.

Anne's weight continued to fluctuate up and down throughout her dieting years. Each time Anne lost weight, she would gain it back within a short period of time. In 2005, a friend of Anne's recommended that she undergo gastric band surgery for weight loss. Anne then booked an appointment with a doctor in Belgium, and flew to his location in secret to have adjustable gastric banding to protect her privacy as a national celebrity.

Shortly after undergoing gastric banding, Anne lost 10 pounds. However, within a month, she gained the 10 pounds right back. She realized that although she had undergone gastric banding surgery, she could still consume the same portion sizes she had eaten prior to surgery.

After watching her friends lose weight with the gastric band, Anne made another appointment with her surgeon in Belgium to have the gastric band "filled" -- a procedure that would tighten the band so Anne could feel fuller after eating small portion sizes. However, after returning to the surgeon and having her gastric band filled, Anne failed to notice any changes with the way her body responded to various portion sizes.

Back at home in the UK, Anne joined a reality weight-loss contest called "Celebrity Fit Club," but was dropped from the show after it became publicly known that she had undergone weight-loss surgery. Shortly after her procedure went public, she was contacted by a surgeon in the UK who was perplexed by her inability to lose weight with the gastric band.

After consulting with the local surgeon, Anne learned that the gastric band had been fitted over the wrong portion of her stomach, and was not restricting her food intake as it should have been. Additionally, the band had not been sewn in place, and was fitted loosely around her esophagus. Anne then underwent another surgery to have the band properly placed and stitched.

Anne immediately noticed a major difference in her eating habits after this revisional procedure. She has lost a significant amount of weight, and continues to maintain a healthy weight in the years post-surgery. Her advice to others who are considering weight-loss surgery is to thoroughly research a surgeon's background before undergoing surgery to minimize the risk for complications.

Photo credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

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