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Stand-up comedian Ralphie May turns to gastric bypass surgery

Stand-up comedian Ralphie May turns to gastric bypass surgery

When Ralphie was invited to participate and compete on Last Comic Standing in 2003, he weighed approximately 450 pounds. After placing second in the competition, Ralphie made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery in an effort to shed some of his excess weight. Ralphie states that earlier in his career, prior to his appearance on Last Comic Standing, he had had his stomach stapled in an effort to lose weight. Unfortunately, the procedure failed to work to Ralphie’s advantage, so he decided gastric bypass surgery would be his next big step.

In November 2003, Ralphie finally underwent gastric bypass surgery, and by February 2004, had managed to lose a total of 350 pounds. In 2005, Ralphie participated in another television show competition, but this time for weight loss, on a new VH1 show called Celebrity Fit Club. During his two-month stint on Celebrity Fit Club, Ralphie managed to lose an additional 78 pounds of fat and 18 inches around his waistline, and even gained a healthy 24 pounds of muscle. However, Ralphie’s intense workout routine led to serious injuries, and he eventually underwent four back surgeries following his run on the show. He then decided to take a break from fitness to allow his body to fully heal post-surgery.

As of May 2012, Ralphie continues to weigh in at 400 pounds, but has plans in place to lose the rest of his excess weight in the future. He is now working with a physical therapist to become healthier and more fit.

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