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US Representative loses weight using visual motivation

US Representative loses weight using visual motivation

Charlie Rangel, a US Representative of New York, saw an unflattering photo of himself on The Post’s front page and decided to shape up. He began to eat breakfast daily, drink lots of water, and load up on smoothies. These healthy habits helped him drop 35 pounds and made him feel terrific.

“The thing is not to eat before you go to bed, and it helps when you aren’t hungry when you go to bed,” said Rangel. “There’s nobody who has an appetite for food after drinking a smoothie.”

Rangel makes a point of walking to meetings in Washington, DC, from his office, and gets in a mile or two of walking while in New York. In addition, he even attends spinning class and has his own recipe ebook.

“It’s fun. I’m enjoying it, and the truth of the matter is, the more I talk about it, the less temptation I have to get my damn pastrami sandwich,” he said.

Read more about Rangel’s transformation on the New York Post website.


Photo credit: Uptown Magazine

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