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A young girl’s weight-loss success

A young girl’s weight-loss success

It can be difficult to be a parent of a child who is overweight, especially when you feel as though you can’t do anything about it. Alexis Shapiro’s mother Jenny wanted to see her daughter become mobile again after brain surgery caused Alexis to gain excess weight.  

“I was just holding onto hope,” Jenny told Yahoo Parenting. “This was our last resort.” 

Jenny took Alexis in to undergo sleeve gastrectomy one year ago in an attempt to reduce the 150 pounds she had gained on her small frame. Alexis was 13 years old at the time of surgery, and has since lost an impressive 60 pounds.  

“We’re just so excited,” said Jenny. “It’s great to see her move around better and be happier and be part of the family more -- all because of her weight loss. Her life isn’t consumed by thinking about food anymore.”

Read more about Alexis’ journey on Yahoo Parenting.

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