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New study suggests chemical therapy could aid in weight loss

New study suggests chemical therapy could aid in weight loss

A new study published in the journal Molecular Therapy found that a chemical therapy developed by researchers at the University of Iowa and Iowa City VA Medical Center could help you lose weight. The chemical therapy overrides our bodies’ weight-loss resistance and helps burn more energy in muscles. These findings show that even during low to moderate exercise, you could possibly burn more calories with the chemical therapy than you could without it.

The idea comes from prehistoric times when the human body wasn’t yet resistant to weight loss. Humans used to have to hunt and gather food throughout a large area of land and could go days with only a little food. Now, food is everywhere and cheap, and our bodies haven’t adapted to that yet.

We move less and eat more, thus gaining weight and burning less calories through our movement than in the hunter and gatherer time. Our bodies continue to hold onto the weight as in the past when humans needed it to survive. However, with the new chemical therapy taken by injection could be the answer to adapting our bodies to less movement and more food.

Read more about the study on Shape.com.

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