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Bariatric surgery improves one woman’s life with amazing results

Bariatric surgery improves one woman’s life with amazing results

Jenifer Schon viewed bariatric surgery as the last option for improving her health, but has since been thankful that she had the procedure. Having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three and diagnosed with fibromyalgia later in life, Schon knew that she needed to control her weight, and turned to bariatric surgery as a solution. 

Amazingly, not only has Schon lost weight since having weight-loss surgery, but she has experienced improvements with her diabetes and fibromyalgia as well. Schon is now taking half the diabetes medication she needed before, and no longer needs insulin resistance medication. Additionally, her fibromyalgia strikes her with less frequent episodes than it did before weight-loss surgery.

Jenifer notes that the biggest challenge she has faced is changing her diet. She had already been monitoring her carbs, but after bariatric surgery, has had to monitor the amount of protein she consumes. Overall, Jenifer is happy with the results, understands she may face struggles with losing weight, and feels that the pros of surgery greatly outweigh the cons. “Patients aren't blindsided by this challenge, as they do go through a lot of education and preparation, but everyone goes through that adjustment to some degree," states Dr. Robert Quaid of Bariatric Center of the Rockies.

Now, Schon has more energy than ever before and can dedicate more of her time to hobbies she enjoys in life. Check out Schon’s story in the Coloradoan.

Photo credit: Provided by UCHealth for the Coloradoan.

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