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Pastor shares his weight-loss story to inspire others

Pastor shares his weight-loss story to inspire others

Hearing your physician suggest that you need bariatric surgery to become healthier can be difficult to cope with. After receiving this advice, Pastor Douglas Yancy left his doctor’s office and headed for his master’s program classes, pondering the advice he had just received. It wasn’t until he had spoken with one of his professors about gastric bypass surgery that Yancy decided to have the surgery.

Yancy underwent gastric bypass surgery in early 2011, and has since encouraged his wife, sister, and about 15 other congregation members to have the surgery as well. He looks at the benefits he has received from weight-loss surgery, and uses his experience as an opportunity to advise others who struggle with weight loss to also consider the procedure. One of the people who saw Yancy after his surgery was Andrea Jennings.

“I was watching him and how he reacted, how much energy he had” said Jennings. “It was me seeing it rather than him telling me.”

Jennings underwent her own operation and has since lost 80 pounds. She says she has more energy and has reached her goal weight after seeing the benefits of weight-loss surgery in Yancy.

Learn more about Yancy’s weight-loss journey and his work to help others get healthy at Philly.com.

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