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Get the latest news about obesity and childhood obesity, find out about new bariatric surgery studies, and read about others who have experienced success with weight-loss surgery. 

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Brain function improves in bariatric surgery patients

Weight-loss surgery might be good for the brain, suggests new research presented at Obesity 2010: The Obesity Society 28th Annual Scientific Meeting.

Obesity is a known risk factor for stroke, and recent research suggests that it may also be linked to Alzheimer's disease. Researchers in various laboratories, including Kent State University in Ohio, set out to determine if obesity shows signs of harming the brain before these conditions are present.

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Can brain surgery fight obesity?

A team of neurosurgeons from West Virginia University Health Sciences Center are investigating a new type of surgery that could help people lose weight: a form of brain surgery.

The experimental procedure, known as deep brain stimulation, is designed for obese individuals who have not had success with other weight-loss methods, including bariatric surgery. Doctors use needles to deliver electricity into different parts of the brain that are believed to control feelings of hunger and satisfaction.

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Carbonation in soda may contribute to weight gain

In recent months, a number of studies have been conducted to find out how sodas and diet sodas are linked to obesity and other health problems such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A new study published in the journal Gastroenterology now suggests that carbonation in soda could also contribute to weight gain and lead to obesity.

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Certain key behaviors linked to long-term weight loss

If you’ve had weight-loss surgery, chances are you have tried a number of different weight-loss techniques in the past, such as regular exercise, dieting, and maybe even weight-loss supplements and similar products.

Recently, a study was published in the January issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that was the first of its kind to identify certain key behaviors that can keep weight off long-term over the course of several years. The study was conducted by researchers from Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island and lasted for 10 years.

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Diet soda won't help you lose weight

In recent years, a lot of controversy has surrounded the argument that diet soda can help people lose weight. However, newer studies have shown that diet soda does not lead to weight loss or prevent weight gain, and research has shown that more Americans are starting to jump onboard the "no soda" train.

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