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The next level of “Before and After” weight-loss photos

The next level of “Before and After” weight-loss photos

As you lose weight, it’s often helpful to have visual reminders of your progress. This may involve taking photographs each week to track your weight as time goes by so that you can better see changes in your body composition and the fit of your clothing. Instead of following the standard protocol of photographing herself in the same clothing every week, Toronto resident Beth Beard decided to go in a different direction after undergoing gastric bypass surgery two and a half years ago.

Beth got creative and celebrated her progress through photographs in costumes. She contacted her friend Blake Morrow to help put her visions to life.

“I created a series of pop culture-inspired portraits of my friend Beth, playfully celebrating her fantastic weight loss of 150 pounds,” wrote Morrow on his website. “I shot her ‘before’ and ‘after’ selves two years apart, and I digitally integrated them to interact with each other within each scene. To properly communicate and celebrate Beth’s accomplishment, her body shape has not been digitally altered.”

View more of Beth’s photographs and learn more about her weight-loss journey on Huffington Post.

Photo by Blake Morrow for Cosmopolitan

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