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New research finds small changes can lead to big weight loss

New research finds small changes can lead to big weight loss

With age comes decreased metabolic rate, which means it’s easy to pack on a few pounds without realizing it. But a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that changing your eating habits consistently can help lead to big weight-loss results over time.

The study analyzed 120,000 people for 16 years, paying particular attention to their dietary habits. It found that people who ate foods with a high glycemic load gained more weight than those who consumed low-glycemic foods. In the new study, other key habits were also found to make a difference between pounds on the scale.

Try making these small changes to help you lose weight:

  • Eat more yogurt, seafood, skinless chicken, and nuts
  • Be careful when choosing low-fat products as these are often packed with sugar or other additives to make up for taste lost in removing the fat
  • Decrease the amount of red and processed meat, as well as refined grains or starches
  • Eat a source of protein paired with low-GI foods like vegetables

Read more about the study on Yahoo.com.

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