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12 superfoods that can help fight stress

12 superfoods that can help fight stress

Certain moods can affect what you eat, and how you feel afterwards. If you’re bored, you may just grab anything within reach. If you’re happy, you may indulge in something more sweet. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on track with good nutrition if you’re in a particular mood and want something specific to eat, especially when you’re experiencing stress.

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Study shows probiotics may help weight-loss surgery patients

A new study reports that probiotics may help gastric bypass patients avoid the common post-surgical problem of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Probiotics are "friendly" bacteria that reside in the human gastrointestinal tract. They are thought to aid in digestion, prevent certain diseases, and improve immune function. They can be taken as a supplement and are also found in foods such as yogurt and cultured milk products.

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Probiotics Help Gastric-Bypass Patients Lose Weight More Quickly, Stanford Study Shows

Probiotics may assist with weight loss after Roux-en-Y surgery, according to research from Stanford University.

Found in yogurt and dietary supplements, probiotics are "good" bacteria that aid in digestion.

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