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TOGA Procedure: Weight loss without the risk offered at MU

The University of Missouri has seen encouraging results from a TOGA clinical study. TOGA , short for Transoral Gastroplasty, is a new procedure that allows surgeons to reshape the stomach by entering the body through the mouth.

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DDW: Obesity Surgery Through the Mouth Seems to Work

Presentations at Digestive Disease Week, an annual gathering of physicians and researchers, report that transoral methods for treatment of obesity are showing early success.

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Is TOGA the Future of Weight Loss Surgery?

If clinical results for Transoral Gastroplasty (TOGA) continue to be positive, patients may have access to a new form of bariatric surgery that does not require an incision.

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TOGA: Obesity Surgery Without Scars

To understand more about the basic Transoral Gastroplasty procedure, also called TOGA by the manufacturers of the instrument used to perform the scarless surgery, watch a video overview courtesy of CNN: Obesity Surgery Without Scars.



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