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Can I Follow Whole30 After Bariatric Surgery? by Catherine V.

Can I Follow Whole30 After Bariatric Surgery? by Catherine V.

Of all the diet Google searches done in 2014, Whole30 was in the top 5 and it still retains its popularity. Whole30 is based off the New York Times Best Seller, It Starts With Food, written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. The premise of the program is for 30 days -- roughly a month - you commit to a diet that is high in protein, vegetables, some fruit, nuts, and oils. You avoid legumes (beans and peanuts), dairy products, grains, added sugar, and any processed food. Whole30 strongly resembles the ever-popular paleo diet. During this 30-day diet, the creators claim you will see improvement in a variety of health conditions from diabetes to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), not to mention weight loss.

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