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4 breakfast mistakes you could be making

4 breakfast mistakes you could be making

You may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many Americans either don’t eat enough or skip the meal completely. In this episode of the Marilyn Denis show, naturopath Mubina Jiwa discusses the four main mistakes we’re making when it comes to breakfast.

Mistake #1: Skipping breakfast

Your body needs nutrients when you wake up, and eating breakfast can fuel you at the beginning of the day. Not eating any food at all can make it more difficult to wake up properly and be cognitively ready to get things done.

Mistake #2: Not eating enough for breakfast

Jiwa recommends consuming approximately 400 calories for breakfast, 600 calories for lunch, and 500 calories for dinner to maintain a 1,500-calorie diet.

Mistake #3: Eating sugary foods

Brands tend to add sugar to fat-free and low-fat foods for flavoring, which can cause individuals who buy these processed foods to consume more sugar. Eating too much sugar can put you at risk of multiple health conditions. Jiwa recommends that women consume no more than five teaspoons of sugar per day, and that men consume no more than eight teaspoons. Many breakfast cereals contain about four teaspoons of sugar per serving.

Mistake #4: Not consuming enough fat

Research shows that eating good, healthy fats can help you stay full for longer. Consuming foods with good fats at every meal can help reduce cravings throughout the day.

Learn more about Jiwa’s breakfast advice on The Marilyn Denis Show.

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