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Natural sugars vs. added sugars on nutrition labels

Natural sugars vs. added sugars on nutrition labels

With multiple options to choose from in grocery stores, many consumers rely on nutrition labels to help them better understand which food products are best for their health. Food labels can provide you with useful information about the food’s contents, such as the number of calories in each serving. Unfortunately, food labels fail to demonstrate the difference between natural sugars and added sugars. Research has shown that the human body has difficulty processing the large amounts of sugar added to many processed foods. High levels of added sugar intake can lead to the development of health conditions such as  type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

The FDA is fighting to make it a requirement for food companies to display the amount of natural sugars versus added sugars on food labels. Knowing the ratio of added sugars versus natural sugars can help you determine which food products are best for your health.

Learn more about the FDA’s proposal for updated nutrition labels from the LA Times article, “Sugar in food is poorly labeled, and the industry likes it that way.”

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