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Recipes starting with O

  • Time: 30 minutes

One-pot vegetable casserole

This is the quick and easy casserole I made for my mother on Mother’s Day, which can prepared, cooked and on the table in 35 minutes. We had it with some cooked quinoa on the side but it would be equally good with some roasted garlic flatbread. The pesto is an optional ingredient, but the dish is all the better for its addition.
  • Time: 2 hours

Oven-baked ham

Ham is a great family favorite, and this easy celebration centerpiece, with roasted vegetables and herbs, can be cooked in one dish. I used to make this recipe with lavender honey and mustard but find it works just as well post-surgery with reduced-sugar apricot jam/jelly. The recipe provides 4 normal-sized portions with leftovers. The basic recipe instructions refer to an uncooked gammon or ham joint but I have also given details for using a cooked ham in the variation at the end. Both give delicious results so the choice is yours.
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