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  • Time: 10 minutes

"In the pink" apple and Moroccan couscous salad

Crunchy, fresh slices of Pink Lady apple combine beautifully with the smoky and spicy aromas of Morocco in this salad recipe. I have used giant couscous but you can use regular couscous if you prefer, just prepare according to the pack instructions. I also ring the changes by adding some cooked diced turkey occasionally to boost the protein, but this is your call!
  • Time: 40 minutes

4th of July chicken with chorizo bean salad

Here is a chicken dish that will effortlessly cope with any kind of weather on the 4th July. You can barbecue, char-grill/char-broil or oven-grill/broil this marinated chicken – indoors or out. Corn-fed chicken supremes work best for this dish but whatever you choose, make sure the chicken is only part-boned for succulence.
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