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Don’t give up these healthy “vices”

Don’t give up these healthy “vices”

Here are eight vices that may actually help you lose weight:

  • Wine: Chemicals found in grape skins, such as ellagic acid, have been shown to boost your metabolism and slow the growth of existing and new fat cells. One glass of wine in the evening can have health-boosting effects, but know when to say when. (Tip: Drink red wine for stronger proven weight-loss effects!)
  • Sex: Researchers have found that the release of oxytocin, a hormone released during times of bonding, can minimize stress hormones and suppress the appetite. (Tip: You’ll burn calories doing it and it’s enjoyable!)
  • Fat: High-fat dairy products like butter are an excellent source of fatty acids that can support weight loss. (Tip: Avoid lower-calorie margarines and butter “spreads,” since trans fat is linked with weight gain and gut fat.)
  • Pasta: You’ll burn calories eating it if it’s cold. (Tip: Drop the temperature of your pasta by storing it in the fridge!)
  • Sweets: Adding a delectable dessert to your breakfast can help you bust your weight-loss plateau. (Tip: Give yourself permission to enjoy your favorite foods and you’ll be less likely to binge later.)
  • Snoozing: Getting enough quality sleep is necessary for weight loss. (Tip: Keep your sleep schedule regular!)
  • Chocolate: Chocolate offers belly-slimming properties that are unlocked in your gut and can help you lose weight if you eat it on a regular basis. (Tip: Dark chocolate with at least 74 percent cocoa solids are the best for weight loss!)
  • Sun: Sunshine slims you down by triggering the production of vitamin D, which can help you lose weight. (Tip: Soak up some rays before noon, and don’t let yourself burn!)

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