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Guide to using social media for weight loss

Guide to using social media for weight loss

On the other hand, failing to use social media for weight loss in a safe and healthy manner could increase your risk for setbacks. Check out the following tips to learn more about how to make the most out of using social media for weight loss.

Share specifics

When broadcasting your weight-loss goals, be as specific as possible about what you want to accomplish. Scientific research shows that writing down your goals can increase your success rate, since you’re more likely to commit to accomplishing those goals. For example, reveal exactly how much weight you plan on losing within a predetermined amount of time.

Verify credentials

Anyone can set up an account on social media and make claims regarding their expertise on a certain matter. If someone you’re not familiar with wants to connect with you and offer fitness, nutrition, or weight-loss advice, proceed with caution until you’re able to verify that person’s credentials.

Avoid comparing yourself to others

Keep in mind that weight loss works differently for everyone based on their own personal health and lifestyle choices. Don’t allow yourself to feel discouraged if you learn that a friend is losing weight faster than you are. Some individuals might even doctor their photos or use filters to make themselves look thinner than they really are. Keep in mind that you’re using social media to enhance your own weight-loss journey; don’t get too caught up in agonizing over other people’s accomplishments.

Clog your timeline with fitness- and health-savvy users

The more fitness- and health-savvy individuals you follow or become friends with, the more motivated and excited you’ll feel about weight loss when logging into social media. Regardless of whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all three, look for and follow profiles dedicated to health, fitness, and weight loss. You might pick up tips and tricks along the way that result in faster weight loss than more traditional methods.

Start a competition

Use Vine or Instagram to film yourself doing push-ups, planks, squats, or other exercises, then challenge your friends and followers to try and beat your records. Make challenges more exciting by making them age- or gender-specific. Most people can’t resist a challenge -- especially when it involves fitness and training.

Have a positive attitude

Staying positive throughout your weight-loss journey can actually accelerate your progress. Refrain from being negative as much as possible on social media, and focus on posting only positive, motivational updates. If you have friends or followers who aren’t being supportive of your weight-loss journey, and frequently post negative or discouraging comments, consider blocking those individuals. Plus, positivity is infectious. The more positive you are, the more you’ll indirectly influence your friends to be positive as well.

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