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Mobile fitness apps that will motivate you

Mobile fitness apps that will motivate you

Finding motivation to exercise can be difficult, especially when you need an extra push to get going. Sometimes that extra push comes from a friend or an overzealous fitness instructor, in which case you may want to push back and say, “No!” If you’re ready to start exercising and need motivation, try using an exercise app. Today, everyone is constantly on their phones, so using an app for motivation could be the ticket to becoming healthier.

Check out these 10 mobile apps to help you get fit:

  1. Zombies, Run! - Start running and become immersed in a game and audio adventure that’s sure to keep you going the entire route.

  2. One Hundred Push-Ups - This six-week training program can motivate you to challenge your friends to a push-up contest.

  3. Missile Wars - Gather your friends and get lost in this GPS-based game of running away from missiles and sending missiles toward other players.

  4. Strava Cycling - Empower yourself as you run or bike, and record your stats on so you can beat your times each day you work out.

  5. GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS Support - Track calories and distance walked as you golf your way through your favorite course.

  6. Charity Miles - Walk, run, and bike for longer as your miles earn money and raise awareness for the charities you hold close to your heart.

  7. Nike+ Running - With this newly designed app, you can track just about everything from mileage and calories burned to how fast you completed each run.

  8. 300 Poses & Yoga Classes - If you’re not an everyday runner, try these poses, which will stretch your body and relieve your tired muscles.

  9. Fleetly Fitness - Target a specific area of your body you want to improve and go at it, or do a full-body routine with the help of this app!

  10. WiScale - Hold yourself accountable with this app that ties in with the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale and measures all you need to know for kicking your healthy habit into gear!

Learn more about these fun mobile apps from Mashable.

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