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Tips on healthy living from Parisians

Tips on healthy living from Parisians

Make fitness a part of your life

Valerie Orsoni founded the popular weight-loss program, and says that the French don’t think about fitness all the time. She encourages the use of simple get-fit tricks that engage your body while doing other things. For example, walk while you talk on the phone, or squat when you use the restroom instead of sitting.

“French women don’t think about fitness as being in another box,” Orsoni explains.

Monitor food portions

In the United States, portion sizes are almost twice the size of those in France, says Orsoni. She experienced the effect of larger portion sizes when she moved to the US. and gained weight from consuming larger portions. French women don’t have forbidden foods, but they monitor their servings when indulging in delicious foods.

Look at the glycemic load

The most popular French foods contain a naturally low glycemic load (GL), which is the measurement of the impact food has on blood sugar. Foods with lower GL contain higher concentrations of fiber and water, and higher amounts of water and fiber can help aid in weight loss.

Don’t rely on supplements

The fresh markets often seen in photos of France are the health food stores of the nation, and supply the healthy food eaten by the French people.

“French women don’t believe in taking extra supplements or quick-fix diet pills,” said Orsoni. “They know a magic pill is too good to be true.”

Leave work at work

Orsoni stresses the importance of leaving work at work because bringing it home with you can cause stress, which can cause your body to store more fat.

“In France, when you are out of the office, you are out of the office,” she says.

Limit your sleep distractions

Instead of going to bed with your cell phone on your nightstand, do as the French do and shut it off before bed. That way, when you wake up in the middle of the night, you’re not tempted to check your phone for notifications and will sleep better as a result.

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