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How to fall in love with exercises you hate

How to fall in love with exercises you hate

However, it’s possible to reverse your hatred of certain exercises by finding ways to make them more fun. The more you enjoy doing a certain activity, the more often you’ll want to do it. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself tossing aside the television remote in favor of going for a run, attending Pilates class, or grabbing a frisbee.

Want to fall in love with exercises you hate? Check out the following tips to learn more about how to love your fitness routine.

Invest time in finding new music

Research has shown time and again that listening to upbeat music during workouts can boost your performance. Fast-paced music can make you feel happy, inspired, and unstoppable. Take time out of your day to discover new music to put on your iPod or music playlist. When in doubt, do a quick Google search for new workout tunes. Chris Lawhorn, DJ for, shares a great playlist every month at The Huffington Post that features the latest, greatest workout tunes you’ll most likely start hearing at gyms and on workout playlists everywhere.

Join a workout challenge

Do you belong to a gym? Ask the gym staff about fitness challenges you can join. Fitness challenges can be a fun, competitive way to lose weight while also having the chance to win prizes or special recognition. If you’re not part of the gym circuit, look online for fitness challenges hosted by bloggers or Facebook groups. In many cases, challenges offer a built-in support group of people who will encourage you to do your best and meet your weight-loss goals within a certain timeframe.

Sign up for a local 5k run

Today’s marathons are no longer just about the run -- it’s about supporting a good cause and joining up with other like-minded individuals who support a healthy lifestyle. Plus, most marathons offer fun themes that can make you forget all about the exercise. For example, join a color run in which bystanders throw paint at runners, or dress like a zombie for the Halloween zombie 5k. Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater laying around? Rock your ugly sweater at a holiday-themed “ugly sweater” run to have fun while losing weight in the process.

Walk to your meals

Are there healthy restaurants located within walking or biking distance of your home? If so, make an exercise date and either walk, run, or bike yourself to food. It’s a great reward system, and you’ll burn excess calories in the process.

Turn to gaming

Are you a video game or smartphone junkie? Browse fitness apps that turn exercise into a game. For instance, the “Zombies Run” app by Six to Start allows you to turn running into a game that has you dodging zombies and collecting supplies to stay alive in your own post-apocalyptic world accompanied by your own choice of music.

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