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Time hacks that can help you plan your workouts

Time hacks that can help you plan your workouts

Don’t settle for excuses -- learn how to squeeze in exercise using these nine time hacks:

1. Discover your daily window

Missing your workout can put you in a funk as you think of another wasted day. Try sitting down every evening and thinking about tomorrow’s schedule. Find your best window of opportunity to fit in a quick walk or any other exercise you want to do, then pencil it in. Putting your workout on the calendar can help you remember your plans and keep you motivated. Remember, every day’s window may be different, and you’ll have to approach each day with a new set of eyes.

2. Try the YouTube gym

Exercise classes can be fun, but going and getting signed up can be a hassle, and even then, the class may be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the moves. Try out new styles of exercise using the YouTube gym, complete with all sorts of fun instructional workout videos. Learn yoga or Zumba with a short 10-minute sequence to refresh your day and get you out of the office chair. You’ll even find more advanced videos for classes like CrossFit, kickboxing, pilates, and more.

3. Accept short and small workouts

Instead of trying to maximize your “non-work” time by finding a full hour each day, try finding as many 10-minute increments throughout your day that allow you to do something small. Many people are in your same boat and can’t find long chunks of time to work out, so they climb stairs, do squats, or do yoga stretches throughout the day to stay active. Ten minutes of exercise every day can add up throughout the week, and you’ll find yourself more energized.

4. Increase your intensity level

If you can’t find extra time in which to extend your workouts, don’t frustrate yourself. Instead, bump up your intensity level by adding an incline or faster pace to your treadmill workout. This can burn more calories without the hassle of increasing the length of your workout.

5. Investigate your daily routine

Think about your time wisely and understand that if someone were to pay you every day for 30 minutes, you’d find a way to make the time. Apply this logic to your workouts, and at the end of each day, journal your time throughout the week to find the best time to schedule your workouts.

6. Multitask your duties

You’re busy, and it’s understandable you love some of the activities you do every day. Now, think about ways in which you can pair your favorite activities with exercise. For example, if you like bingeing on Netflix, add in some treadmill, cycling, or crunch workouts in front of the television.

7. Prepare for anything

Keep a pair of sneakers and workout clothes in your car at all times in the event you find time to do a quick workout. Meetings get canceled all the time, or plans with friends may fall through. If you have the gear, use it!

8. Take time for yourself

If you’re a parent, your time is precious, especially when it comes to spending time with your kids. However, if your children are hindering your time to get active, consider having your significant other or a babysitter watch them for a little bit so you can have time for your workout. Or, try planning your exercise during naptime or after the kids go to bed.

9. Begin planning your days off

When you first sit down to think about your fitness schedule, don’t be overwhelmed with the days where your schedule is already jam-packed. Instead, focus on the days you have a lighter schedule or don’t work. Begin planning longer workouts for those days, as well as shorter ones to fit into your busy routines on days that are already pretty full.

You may not be able to work out every day and that’s all right. Accept what you can do and you’ll feel better and be well on your way to reaching your weight-loss goals.

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