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Tips on how to make running more fun

Tips on how to make running more fun
  1. Take walking breaks. Adding walking intervals to your running workout can help you keep the same pace without putting added strain on your body.
  2. Think about successful runs. Don’t stress about your current run. Instead, think about  successful past runs to keep you motivated to finish.
  3. Play a sport. Numerous sports involve running, and can help keep you focused on more than just putting your feet to pavement.
  4. Bring a friend. Exercising with a friend can not only keep you going, but also allow you some extra hangout time with your best bud.
  5. Fake it until you make it. Forcing a smile while working out can actually help you have fun and feel happier while running.
  6. Make the perfect workout playlist. Running with music, especially music you love, can help you stay on track while enjoying your favorite songs.
  7. Try running in intervals. Instead of thinking, “When will this be over?” do intervals in which you run faster or slow down using a measurement of houses, telephone poles, fire hydrants, etc.

Read more about these tips to making running more fun on Huffington Post Healthy Living.

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