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You’ll smile at these 9 new fitness trends

You’ll smile at these 9 new fitness trends
  1. Prancercise - A horse-inspired workout that crashed the company’s website and saw 11 million views on YouTube.
  2. Aqua cycling - You read that right, and cycling with water resistance burns up to 800 calories per session.
  3. Kangoo Jumps - These classes allow you to use springy boots that you don’t want to be caught wearing in public!
  4. Barefoot running - Barefoot believers rock the minimal “five-finger” shoes, arguing that humans were made to run barefoot, which results in a more natural running style.
  5. Parkour - “Free run” your way scaling walls, leaping, diving, and flipping over and under obstacles such as fences, benches, and buildings.
  6. Naked yoga - This class promotes openness, self-confidence, and body acceptance as you practice your favorite yoga poses in your birthday suit.
  7. Backwards running - Running in reverse can help with any running-related aches and pains. Just make sure someone is looking ahead so you don’t run into anything.
  8. Trapeze school - This gravity-defying fitness routine gives you a full-body workout as you swing through the air with a safety harness holding you in!
  9. Indoor surfing - Learn how to hang ten before getting in the water by using machines that mimic the movement of the surfboard and push your muscles to stay engaged.

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