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Plane Riders Struggle with Obesity

Plane Riders Struggle with Obesity

The picture, posted on the blog Flight Global, shows an obese man sitting in an aisle seat and blocking half the aisle. Americans Airlines does not require larger passengers to pay for an extra seat, but the company says many passengers choose to do so or pay for a larger seat in first class. Policies at other airlines differ. Terry Freeman, who weighs 410 pounds, says he often pays $300-400 to buy a second seat and is usually given no other choice.

Readers of the blog are asking if making obese passengers pay for an extra seat qualifies as discrimination, or if larger passengers pose a safety hazard. Comments also indicate the passenger next to the larger man was asked to switch to a different flight and given a voucher for future travel.

To read the full article, please visit Plane Riders Struggle with Obesity.

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