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4 ways to lose weight using your mind

4 ways to lose weight using your mind

To help you on your weight-loss journey, here are 4 ways to lose weight that are unrelated to your diet and fitness routines.

1. Create your own personal wellness vision

A wellness vision is a statement, or written declaration of the behaviors you want to exhibit and the outcomes you expect from weight-loss surgery, or weight loss in general. A wellness vision can help you visualize your future self, and becomes a commitment after being documented on paper. A wellness vision statement can say something like: “I am 30 pounds lighter, I have great self-esteem, and performing daily exercise makes me feel happy, positive, and more energetic.” A wellness vision can help you better understand your personal goals when it comes to weight loss.

2. Practice forgiving and nurturing self-talk

Acknowledge your mistakes and forgive yourself for making them. Having a cynical, negative, and judgmental attitude about yourself can hinder your weight-loss progress, and increase the risk for setbacks. Practice nurturing self-talk, which can help influence and change your negative behaviors, and create a healthier sense of self.

3. Face your fears head-on

You’ve probably heard that avoiding your fears can cause them to have power over you. However, acknowledging and facing your fears head-on can allow you to turn the tables and overcome those same fears. For example, if you are afraid of joining a fitness class for fear of being the most overweight person in the class, acknowledge that joining a fitness class is what you must do to start losing weight. When you attend class having that positive thought in mind, you’ll find that you have nothing to worry about, and will experience more success with weight loss as a result.

4. Learn how to cope in a healthy manner

Instead of turning to food or skipping a workout during times of stress, find other methods of coping that are healthier for your mind and body. Exchange your gym routine for a walk in the sunshine, practice deep breathing, listen to your favorite music or read a good book, or connect with friends and family. Develop a list of healthy alternative coping methods and turn to this list when you’ve had a bad day or feel a little down.

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