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Clothes-shopping tips for those on the road to weight loss

Clothes-shopping tips for those on the road to weight loss

Since the road to weight loss is often also a path to self-discovery and better health, you should treat yourself right when it comes to your wardrobe and wear items that make you feel attractive, confident, and comfortable.

In a previous post, we provided you with tips on how to rebuild and maximize your current wardrobe after weight loss. Now, we’re providing you with more tips on how to shop for clothes while you’re in the process of losing weight.

Find a few new colors

Most overweight people tend to wear black because it’s slimming and dark, and hides some of our most unflattering features. But as you begin to lose weight, brighten up your wardrobe with a few new colors that show off your new body and that also compliment your skin tone. Even if you prefer to stay in dark clothing, consider switching from black to other dark colors such as navy, gray, brown, or olive.

Start wearing belts

Belts are actually a great accessory that will help you get more wear out of your pants - especially if you’re dropping weight fast and have no time to keep altering your clothes. Belts can also accentuate your smaller waistline, and can be worn over shirts and dresses in addition to pants.

Buy new accessories

Accessories such as shoes, jewelry, and handbags can look great on anyone regardless of size. Even if you’re at a crossroads or in between sizes when it comes to clothes, your favorite accessories can make you feel more attractive and confident. Splurge in a new pair of shoes, a wristwatch, or earrings, and tackle clothes shopping at a later time (maybe after you’ve dropped a few more pounds!).

Replace your undergarments

While it may be true that nobody else can see your panties, boxer briefs, or bras, fashion experts say that your undergarments make a huge difference in your confidence and how you view yourself. Plus, as you lose weight, you’ll probably need smaller sizes.

Opt for more slimming outfit choices

Prior to weight-loss surgery, you probably wore clothing that hid certain body parts you felt were unsightly. But now that you’re losing weight, you need to adopt a different mindset and choose clothes that accentuate your new body. Instead of choosing long, layering outfits, choose outfits that are all one color from head to toe. For example, instead of wearing a white shirt with a black skirt or pants that chop your body in half, wear all one color or similar color tones to appear slimmer.

Add blazers to your wardrobe

Blazers are a classy way to dress up your wardrobe, and are rarely ever out of style. Choose blazers with button-fronts, because even if the button is still a tight fit, it won’t be for much longer  — plus, blazers still look great unbuttoned.

Go for bootcut pants and jeans

Skinny jeans might be the current style for both men and women, but bootcut pants and jeans will be more flattering throughout your weight-loss journey because they help balance out your upper body.

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