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Creating an affordable clothing wardrobe after weight-loss surgery

Accent pieces

Take the focus off of pants and shirts that may be a tad too large by using accent pieces. Use a wide belt to accent the waist while also keeping clothing in check. Use a bright necklace, shoes, or other jewelry in order to make the outfit "pop" and to make it trendier. Be sure to use only one bright or big accent piece at a time in order to keep the outfit balanced.

Stretchy fabrics and sizes

Wear clothes that are in "medium" and "large" sizes instead of "10" or "12." Normally, clothes with a name size instead of a number can fit more sizes for a longer period of times.

In addition, wear leggings or other pants that have an elastic material — these will conform to a changing body and can be flattering when worn with the right top. Wearing dresses is also a great way to maintain a stylish wardrobe that still fits well.

Finding "new" clothes

Numerous options exist for weight loss surgery patients looking to temporarily expand their wardrobe until a smaller size is needed. Buying gently used clothing at thrift stores, consignment stores, or garage sales is a great way to get fashionable clothing on a budget.

Ebay is also another great resource — but paying for shipping can be costly, so look for "Free Shipping" listings.

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