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What’s with the stigma surrounding plus-size clothing?

What’s with the stigma surrounding plus-size clothing?

Why is there still so much stigma surrounding plus-size clothing? Why does shopping for plus-size clothing often feel so dreadful? For one, many women admit to feeling ashamed or embarrassed at having to browse through racks in the plus-size clothing section. Second, many women feel that most plus-size clothing brands are simply unflattering and unattractive. Some retailers, such as Abercrombie and Fitch, even refuse to manufacture clothing in larger sizes because they don’t want their brands associated with the obesity epidemic.

Thankfully, the fashion industry is finally evolving to include larger sizes in their brands. At this time, approximately 64 percent of American women fall into the plus-size clothing category, yet only 17 percent are buying clothing specifically designed for plus-size women. Despite the fact that plus-size models are making their way onto the red carpets, into ad campaigns, and into magazine photo shoots, experts are saying that most plus-sized women still tend to have negative perceptions about their bodies.

According to Madeline Jones, editor for Plus Model Magazine, nobody in the industry likes using the term, “plus-size.” Models don’t like being referred to as plus-size, brands don’t want to be called plus-size, and culturally, most women feel ashamed at having to resort to buying plus-size clothing.

With these factors in mind, how can you overcome stigma related to plus-size clothing? First, keep in mind that although you may feel that most plus-size clothing lines aren’t attractive, these clothes can often provide the comfort your body needs so you can go about your day and be more productive. If you’re working on losing weight through exercise and nutrition, remember that you’ll only continue to drop in sizes, and that you won’t be wearing plus-size clothing forever.

On the other hand, if you love and embrace your curves, keep in mind that plus-size clothing brands are designed to accentuate your body’s natural curves and best features. As time goes by, more and more retailers are starting to capitalize on the plus-size market, which is becoming increasingly competitive. Even major retailers such as Target and Old Navy have launched plus-size clothing lines.

As long as you feel happy and confident, YOU wear the clothes -- the clothes don’t wear you. In the meantime, continue to take steps toward becoming healthier without wasting time fretting about the size you’re wearing -- just keep working hard and enjoy the results.

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