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5 ways to love your LAP-BAND spouse

5 ways to love your LAP-BAND spouse

1. Meal making: One of the most difficult obstacles after weight-loss surgery is teaching your body to eat less and lighter. When faced with unhealthy food in the house, this can be challenging. Instead of indulging in your regular eats - and leaving the temptation of donuts and pizza lying around - show support for your spouse's goals by partaking in healthy meal planning and preparation. One way to do this is by planning each meal for the next week or few weeks. Find some favorite recipes, hit the grocery store, and start cooking together.

2. Banding together: Another way to show support is by encouraging fun activities together. For example, since your spouse will start increasing his or her physical activity, do the same. Not only are you showing your love and support, but your involvement will help direct attention from weight loss and hardship to fun and health. Similarly, for every weight hurdle your spouse overcomes, consider charting the progress and rewarding each point with something small. Challenge and encourage your spouse when you're together. Remember: being overweight or obese is also about compromising good health, which means compromising the chances of spending more time together in the future.

3. Words of love: Something as simple as expressing your support can be remarkably encouraging. This can be anything from leaving notes around the house, to verbal compliments on your spouse's new physique, or simply reminding your spouse of your admiration.

4. Less is more: To make sure your spouse knows you're in it together, a good way to express your love is to make similar sacrifices. Instead of opting for guilty pleasures like cigarettes, beers, or burgers, try foregoing several days a week without your own vices. Your spouse will appreciate the act.

5. The small things: No gesture is too small. In fact, it's often those small acts of kindness that are most appreciated. Don't think grand gestures like jewelry, cars, and cruises are the key to supporting your Lap-Band spouse. Sometimes something as simple as buying her favorite drink for no reason will do. Just be sure to remember three things with these gestures: keep them constant, keep them loving, and most importantly, keep them fun!

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