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Bariatric surgery and divorce rate

Bariatric surgery and divorce rate

But despite the positive changes you may experience after having bariatric surgery, weight-loss experts reveal that you may also experience less-than positive changes at home with your spouse or partner.

For instance, if you and your partner initially connected as a result of enjoying the same types of unhealthy foods and lifestyle habits, your partner may view your mission to become healthier as a threat to your relationship. Your spouse may feel as if he is losing you as you start to devote more of your energy to losing weight. Over time, a marriage can fall apart as a result of each partner practicing different lifestyle habits and adjusting to their new, respective lives.

If you’re a weight-loss surgery patient, your spouse may feel insecure about the fact that you’re losing weight and becoming more attractive, while he is not. Sometimes, your spouse may become angry out of fear simply because he doesn’t want to lose you. On the other hand, if you haven’t been getting along with your spouse, or are in a dangerous situation at home with an abusive spouse, sometimes weight-loss surgery can provide you with the confidence you need to improve your life by separating from your spouse and starting anew.

Psychologists believe that most marriages that end up failing after a partner’s bariatric surgery were already doomed and problematic prior to surgery. Marriages built on a strong, solid foundation of trust, respect, and open communication can often survive a partner’s decision to have bariatric surgery, and can result in increased support through weight-loss surgery and the associated lifestyle changes.

If you love your partner, and feel worried that you could lose him after weight-loss surgery, share your concerns and express how much you care about him and his well-being. The two of you may be able to maintain your relationship as long as you both communicate what you need from one another. If necessary, the both of you may also want to seek professional guidance from your health care provider or counselor if for some reason you feel that bariatric surgery could cause a rift in your marriage.

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