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Internet Dating - Getting Started

Choose your dating website well: are you in the right place? There are a million places to meet people on the web, each one designed with a specific kind of person in mind. One site might be devoted to single parents with children at home, others to swingers looking for a casual encounter. Christians who knit. Vegetarians. You name it; it’s out there. And some dating sites are so general as to be purportedly “for everyone,” which can either be a terrific opportunity for something new and exciting, or make you feel like you’re trying to meet the love of your life at a bus station, depending on your point of view.

Before you put yourself out there, look around. How are you going to evaluate potential dates — and be evaluated? Is this a place that relies on a thumbnail size picture and a catchy headline to attract attention? Or does the site do the matching for you based on your answers to quiz questions — and in that case, do you like the questions they’re asking, or do they feel unimportant or irrelevant to you from the get go? If you’re all about, say, your interest in animals, don’t sign up for a dating website that doesn’t ask about your pets. If you don’t feel like you photograph well — and many of us don’t — beware the site that depends solely on your picture and a cute headline to attract romance. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment before you begin. After all, if you wanted to buy some shoes, you wouldn’t go to a hardware store looking for some and then blame yourself for not finding some new black boots.

Remember too, it’s a numbers game. Dating is like looking for a job. You don’t necessarily get hired — or want to work — for the first place you find that’s looking for employees. Give yourself the luxury of failure! Get ready to say no, and be told no, simply because it’s not the right fit. Dating can be a great opportunity to learn that other people’s opinions — especially those of people we don’t know and who don’t know us — don’t have to matter when it comes to defining who we are. Not everyone is going to find us the coolest thing next to space travel. That fact doesn’t mean we don’t deserve — nor does it mean we won’t find  — someone who finds us out of this world.

The point is, just like in weight loss, there are good ways and bad ways to look for the man or woman of your dreams. Give yourself easy ways to succeed, and over time, you will! Happy hunting!


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