Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct. We’re on a mission to deliver quality beyond question and convenience that adds something great to your day. Quality should never be a question. We pioneered the short supply chain so you can experience fresh food at its finest. Food comes to us straight from the source and is delivered to your door at peak freshness in just a few days. That’s less handling by middlemen—and it puts more money in the bank for local farmers, skilled artisans, and responsible fishermen.

Quality is … Short Supply Chain. The shortest distance to the source. Farm House. Our House. Your House. Best Value. Better product at the right price. Handpicked Weekly Deals. Always Evolving. Constantly innovating to bring you the freshest.

Our commitment t0 the future of food. Our food is fresher and its shelf life is longer. It lasts up to 7 more days in your fridge than the food you buy from a traditional store. Great food comes from people who know. We do our homework to find great food partners. We’re on the farm, on the boat, and at the dinner table with our food suppliers. We’re proud to call them friends. They are collaborators who share our values, our passion, and our vision. We dig into the details with our partners, like selecting the seeds that grow the best tomatoes and traveling to Sicily to handpick the perfect blend of olives for our olive oil.

Good People Get Hands On. Our relationships with our farmers matter. Better packaging We built custom software that knows the size, shape, and location of every item in every order. So as food arrives from the farm, we can check (and double-check) it, pack it faster, and get it to you in one piece, protected by unique packaging designed to keep eggs whole and avocados bruise-free. Convenience shouldn’t mean compromise. Our butchers and fishmongers custom cut every piece for peak freshness. Our chefs marinate your meat, chop the veggies, set up your skewers, and whip up great sides and platters. We make it easy to find nutritional information—calories, ingredients, and allergens—so you know exactly what you’re getting. We store your shopping lists for quick reorder and reserve your favorite delivery time to suit your schedule. We do more than the average store to make every meal a win.