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10 fashionable ways to look 10 pounds lighter

Updated: November 13, 2020

If your goal this year is to lose weight and slim down, you may be looking for new ways to make yourself look thinner as you work your way down the path to weight loss.

Many overweight individuals tend to wear large, oversized clothing that cover their bodies, instead of wearing styles and colors that draw attention to their best features and make them appear slimmer.

Sometimes, making one or more changes to your wardrobe and style can go a long way in complementing your look if you’re also eating healthy and exercising regularly. Check out these 10 fashionable ways to make yourself look 10 pounds thinner that may also motivate you to work harder toward your goals!

1. Proportion your body

Balance your look by dressing to make your body look more proportionate. For example, if you’re wearing a snug, body-hugging top, balance your look with boot-cut or wide-leg pants. Or, pair a large, loose top with a small, tight skirt or stretchy jeans.

2. Wear the right belt

Avoid wearing skinny belts at all costs, and choose wide belts, which will make your waistline look smaller. If wearing belts is still too uncomfortable, look for belts made of stretchy nylon fabric, which will help pull in your stomach without any added discomfort.

3. Ditch the baggy jacket

Loose, baggy jackets may feel most comfortable, but they may not be as flattering for your figure. Look for tapered jackets that make your waist look smaller, or those that are hip-length with tailored lines that are flattering for your shape.

4. Start wearing flattering pant-styles

Certain cuts and styles of pants and jeans can make you look bigger than you really are, and can draw attention to an already-thick waistline. Start looking for pants with wide waistbands, as well as pants with a slight flare that make hips appear slimmer.

5. Wear smaller prints

Clothes that feature large prints can actually make you appear larger. Choose smaller prints, and balance loud prints with form-fitting clothes. For example, wear black leggings or tights underneath a dress or large shirt that features prints.

6. Wear heels that match your skin tone

Wearing pumps or heels in the same color as your skin tone can help make your legs look taller and skinnier. Just make sure you wear the shoes with bare legs without wearing tights or leggings, which could ruin the illusion.

7. Pay attention to where your pants and top meet

Avoid wearing pants and shirts that meet at the waist, which will only make you look bigger. Instead, wear tops and bottoms that meet just below your waist to give yourself a slimmer waistline and appearance.

8. Wear long, chunky necklaces

Pair long, thick, chunky necklaces with light-colored tops, which will help make your torso look extra long and slim. Buy a variety of different styles and wear them with as many outfits as possible.

9. Layer lighter colors over darker colors

Instead of layering darker colors over lighter colors, do the opposite for an ultimate slimming effect. Wear white cardigans over black tank tops, or light jackets over dark outfits.

10. Look for eye-catching necklines

Sometimes, a slimmer look can be achieved entirely with the type of neckline you’re wearing. Look for tops that feature necklines with unique patterns or shapes such as deep v-neck cuts, then pair your tops with slimming pants.




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