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10 Most Desired Running Gifts (You Might be Surprised)

10 Most Desired Running Gifts (You Might be Surprised)
Updated: December 5, 2020
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The best running gifts aren’t always what our friends and family assume.

While we do love a good GPS watch, sometimes the things that we’re jonesing for just feel like too much to spend on ourselves on a regular basis…even if they aren’t really that expensive!

Since many of you often ask me what new runners really want, I thought I’d share some of the super fancy gizmos we love alongside the surprisingly CHEAP and easy gifts that will have us leaping in to your arms with a big sloppy kiss.

Best Gifts for Runners

Let’s kick if off with the first surprising item…running socks! Seriously, read on to find out why and which ones.

While this might be targeted at new runners, the truth is these are all the basics that a lot of us need. I know because every time I poll my IG audience for what running gifts would make their day, these are the items repeated over and over.

Click any of the titles below for a link to a product, I’ve tried to think through both the high end gifts we wouldn’t buy ourselves and the littler items that still mean so much. I know your runner (eh hem you) will love these running gifts!

Balega Running Socks – ($14)

That’s right we want socks. Good socks. No chafing, no weird seems, keep our feet dry and comfy socks. More expensive than the packs you can buy at Target, but one of the few investments that runners quickly learn is worth every single penny.

If you have a new runner to buy for this might be something they haven’t treated themselves to yet and you’ll be changing their lives.

And for the trail runners, you seriously CANNOT beat the Swiftwick National Parks socks! The designs are incredible and the slightly higher sock means less dirt in our shoes. I can safely say bikers love them, as David stole mine the moment they arrived.

Garmin Fenix 6s – ($649)

Ok maybe no surprise that we want a GPS watch to track all our shenanigans, but what might surprise you is that TONS of runners would be just find with the basic Garmin 145 ($140) for tracking miles/HR and they don’t even want or know what to do with all the crazy features on the more advanced watches.

What’s the big deal with the high end model?

  • the S version is smaller and looks nicer for women, especially the coveted rose gold
  • Color GPS maps, just like while you’re driving
  • Music, incoming messages, credit card payment
  • Serious battery life
  • Tons of multisport options
  • Basically can track every bit of your lifestyle

Cotton Gloves – ($11)

It’s true we’d give you a sideways look for buying a cotton running shirt now, but these cheap little gloves are lifesavers on race day! They allow us to get to the start line feeling toasty, then rip them off as needed to toss in the donation pile without guilt.



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