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10 Unique Subscription Boxes & Review! VIDEO of the Day!

micheal Janse
Updated: December 5, 2020
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10 Unique Subscription Boxes: Honest Unboxing & Review!

Video Transcription:

Hi, how are you? Welcome back to my channel for another massive subscription box in boxing. I guess I’ve become the subscription box girl, and I’m definitely not mad about it. I actually kind of love it if we don’t know each other, because I feel like these videos usually attract a different audience. Hello, my name is Miquel on my channel. We do a lot of like lifestyle drifting and I guess unboxings tale, please. Excuse my hair. I’m trying different various methods of letting my hair just naturally air dry today’s experiment failed. So, uh, here we are. So today I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine subscription boxes that we are going to go through. And I’m very excited about them. I literally feel like it’s Christmas. Every time I do these videos, before we jump in a couple different disclaimers. Some of these boxes, basically what I do is whenever I get a subscription box, I just hold onto it until I get, you know, between eight and 10 enough to make a good video.

So some of these boxes might not be the current season, but at least you could see the types of things within the boxes. I’m going to give you the general price point for each of them and kind of like what their niche is. And I’ll, I’ll put a couple of my opinions in here or there wherever I feel like it is appropriate. If you are affiliated with a subscription box, I’ll go ahead and put my business email down below. If you want to be featured in the next one, please only email me if you are trying to do that and not if you’re creepy. Kay, love you. Thanks. And, and I know in previous unboxings, people wanted like closeups and makeup swatches and things like that, but these videos always ended up being like a longer than 30 minutes as is. So that’s the only reason I don’t include all of those like super close ups of everything inside. We’re just seeing, you know, what the vibe of each box is liquid next to computers, not a great idea. So I have gone ahead and written down all of the important information over here on my computer, which is why I have that without further ado, what’s up box something.

Go ahead and start with this. This is the clean beauty box. I am a sucker for packaging. That’s something to worry about me. This is super cute. So I’m very excited to see what’s inside. So each month there is two to four full size rigorously tested, clean cruelty, free skincare boxes ship between the first and the fifth of each month. There’s free shipping members receive 15% discount on their store. This costs $39 a month and you could purchase to six or 12 months at a time. So that’s the skinny on this. It’s also yard day. Can you hear that? I’m so sorry. Let’s go ahead and unbox this and see if I feel like this is worth $39 a month. Okay, cute. First open it. There’s this little thing. This describes two of the things on the inside. Oh, there are two things. So this, I guess this came with two items for $39.

These must be really nice items then. So we have the instant glow calming exfoliator. This does retail at $98. So I guess that you’ve already gotten your money’s worth within one thing. The active ingredients in this are fennel lavender, bamboo extract and aha fruit acid. Okay. Cute packaging, nice product. I think that that’s something that I will enjoy. And the other thing is a lip serum valued at $45. Oh, Oh, the brand of this was a flower spice. The brand of this is hint, hint, organics valued at $45. That is very nice packaging as well. So I guess with this box, you get less items, but they’re much nicer quality than a lot of the boxes I have unboxed. So in one regard that’s a little risky because like it was a 50 50 shot that you won’t like one of these things. Cause there’s two things, you know, but they’re worth a lot of money.

So if you’re someone that cares about quality over quantity, this might be a good thing for you. But if you’re someone I prefer full-size products personally. But if you’re someone that likes smaller products, trial size products, getting to try a lot of different things to see what you like. Maybe this is not for you. I do think that I will enjoy both these items though. So for $39, that is about $150 value. I will leave that up to you as to what you think here’s a little two for one closeup of the products. That’s a good, quick way to do that. Try to try to please people. All right, first box down. What next, what next? We have a massive box. That is kind of hilarious, but I feel like I should save that for last. I have a box that literally came in a huge wooden crate.

Let’s say that. Let’s say that for closer to the end. I am very intrigued by this because this kind of came in like nondescript box. And normally, you know, it comes in a nondescript box and then something a little more colorful is on the inside. So I opened it, but the inside was this bag and I’ve been trying so hard not to look inside so I can open it with you. The brand of this is Bolzano. They are kind of known for their handbags, I guess. So it says we send customers $300 worth of products for, they have two different types of boxes. There’s the regular one for 33 95 a month. That includes, I think a bag and accessories or the Lux box for 43 95 a month. That includes a bag accessories and some beauty products. I am not fully sure which one this is, I guess we’ll see if there’s beauty products included or not.

That will tell us if it’s the regular or the Lux. Finally, this was like the first one I got out of this whole hall. So I’ve been waiting to see what is actually in this for so long. I’m just going to, this is like digging into the bag. Okay. I have no idea what this is. There’s this little present. Do I untie this other? We go packaging of this, got a little beat up. Not going to lie. That might’ve been my fault. Oh, there is a watch on the inside. I will look further and see if I can find the price details of the swatch. I think that is intended to be a women’s brand, but this, I don’t know, this is what woman’s watch. There’s little like diamonds and stuff in there. Alright, TBD. We’re going to find out if there’s any information on that further down in the book, what is this?

This looks like some little footy socks, little like Lacy footie socks that you can wear with flats or whatever. And there’s a very small trial size, hand, and body lotion at the bottom of that. And some silicone socks. What is it? Apparently you put this on with lotion and it helps the lotion seep into your skin and you wear it for like 30 to 40 minutes and you take it off. Very interesting. Okay. Now I think that this is kind of what they’re actually good at and it is a purse. Oh, cute. I’m not a huge like handbag person, but I feel like this is very cute. I feel like a lot of people would actually wear this handbag. Oh, there’s stuff inside of it. Oh my goodness. I was not expecting that. It just felt kind of heavy. All right. And side of it, there is a necklace and earrings.

I’ll give you a closeup of both. There is that necklace and earrings. They kind of match and Oh, some sunglasses. So losses, these actually feel kind of like heavy duty. What do you think? And there is no information about the value of any of these items. So it’s kind of up to guessing, I assume this would be considered the Lux cause that’s kind of a beauty product, I guess. So most likely this would cost 43 95. I feel like that’s what most people would pay for a bag alone out of all these items. The only thing I think that I will actually get use out of is this bag. The rest are kind of up to personal preference and that was my opinion. And that’s, as far as I will go, let’s go ahead and do this one. This is just kind of a plain box with the concept’s really cute.

They emailed me. This is a couple’s box. The people that emailed me are, I guess, the founders of the box. And it seems like they have poured their heart and soul and every penny into this company and it’s brand new, I’m excited to see what’s inside. So it says we shipped 10 to 12 items each quarter. That’s kind of a lot of items members paying $99. So it is a price your box, but the value is over 375 total dollars, no subscription required, which that’s kind of cool. Jewelry pieces are all nine 25 Sterling, silver NYCLA free with stones or fresh water pearls. I do think that it’s a good idea. Like say if you have a couple friend, this is a way to get both people a gift. You know what I mean? Like it’s not just a woman’s box. So let’s go ahead and see what’s inside.

I not share my address on this side. It says three items for him with the black sticker, seven items for her, with the pink sticker. Okay. And this has the value of everything. So let’s go ahead and see what’s in here for him. We have a kind of like cable knit belt. What do you call these? The little leather at the end. This is valued at $19. Thank you for like actually valuing these what they’re probably worth. I feel like other subscription boxes would be like valued at $65, but this is genuine. So thank you for that. Oh, that’s cute. There’s an S on this, like for Smith. I wonder if that’s intentional. Oh wow. This is actually really nice. I’ll show you a closeup. This is a watch valued at $82. Court’s in real leather. I actually think that Brooke would maybe wear this and he’s a very picky and some socks.

These are kind of cute. I don’t know what they are. Little birds of some sort that is valued at $9. Now let’s open up the women’s side. That’s funny that there’s seven things on this side, but it feels so much smaller. I’m just going to go ahead and pull all of these things out. Okay. Wow. Okay. It seems mostly to be jewelry. I’m going to go ahead and look at everything one by one, and I’ll show you a close with everything at once. So we have this little butterfly necklace I did at $55. It is real Sterling silver. Like I said, I’ll show you all this up close. We have butterfly stud earring, also Sterling silver valued at $19. They matched the necklace. This is, Oh, wait, I have a necklace. Very similar to this. That’s funny. A layered ring and bar necklace. This one is cute.

This one I think I would wear. And I have something very similar. This is valued at $85 Sterling silver. This is a lot of jewelry, a heart necklace. Oh, this is a heartbreak slut. Also Sterling silver valued at $48. A couple little leaf earrings, Sterling silver valued at $29. Oh, a turquoise anklet valued at $8. It is alloy. And last but not least some Randy or socks valued at $9. Go ahead and look at a closeup of all those at once. Here’s the butterfly necklace, butterfly studs, the ring and bar necklace, turquoise anklet, these earrings, little heart in the socks. It’s definitely a unique concept. I would say. It’s good for someone that really loves jewelry. So this is apparently valued over $375 and costs 99. Okay. Let’s do something that I, there’s a couple that I’m like really, really excited about. Let’s do one that I’m really excited about the box of style.

This is also kind of an expensive one. I feel like I feel like this go around. We have some like bougie or boxes in here, but this was started by Rachel Zoe. I looked her up, I guess she’s like a fashion person and this does cost $99 as well, but they kind of showed me some of the sneak peeks. And I actually really liked a lot of the stuff in here. And they’re all valued over $400. This might be her first box, but it’s seasonal. So four times a year. Box of style. Hello? Gorgeous winter 2019. Okay. This has the breakdown of everything inside. Go ahead and open it first. The way to my heart, always with a candle. Oh, this is a nice candle. Ooh, it smells good too. It smells very kind of like masculine almost a little bit. Summary. This is called starry night.

A little things as this is valued at $38. So almost $40. It’s a hefty boy. It’s very, it’s very heavy. Next this Ooh, Estee Lauder, revitalizing Supreme global. Anti-aging sell power cream. Who let’s take Pete. This looks very nice. I see. I’m all about anti-aging, which I know. I’m so young to say that, but it starts now kids. This is valued at $55. This is an easy thing that we could look up and see if they are valuing things correctly or not. Let me see real quick. This is, that’s a four for $85, unless this is just a slightly different size one ounce, 1.7 ounce. Okay. So then this probably is actually valued correctly. So I feel like that is a very nice product as well. There are three more. This is a mini. Yeah. I shut up palette. Oh, they told me there was a mini pallet, but they weren’t getting, this is really cute and very small, I guess one good thing about this is you could literally throw it in your purse or wherever.

If you just want us to do a quick like day to night, look, this would not take up any space at all. I was expecting this to be like this big. That’s so cute. This is Rachel Zoe, Laura Hollywood glamour mini palette. These are all colors. I do think I would like, I love pinky nudes. I think I would wear all these, except this one, that glitter is just a little aggressive for me, but all the rest I would wear, it’s valued at $15, which I feel like is actually a very fair assessment. A lot of the things I unbox, I end up like giving away. I’m like in a given way or donating or giving to friends and family, but so far everything from this box because I really, really like, I think I want to keep though I am very aware that this is a very luxury box.

Okay. Next next, I am very excited about this. This is like kimono meets meets robe. So this can be styled where or out and about. And this apparently is by a nice brand that I am not familiar with. Mason do swore and it’s valued at $150. Yeah. Mason do sweat this Woah. Oh, that is really cute. It’s like a nice long robe. Here’s a picture. Here’s a picture of the model wearing it. So you can see the general length. I am allowed wear like lover. That’s my favorite thing to buy. And one day I’m going to have my own lounge storyline, just wait, just give me a couple of years. And so I’m very, very excited about this, but I have saved the big ticket item for last, within the spot. They told me this was in the box. So I stopped it ahead of time.

It was a necklace. Yes. It is a necklace from a brand called a F by Andrea Orman, Andrea Forman. And it’s valued at $200 and it has real diamonds. It says diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. I am so in love with this diamond encrusted pendant necklace. It’s gorgeous on its own mixed with other gold necklaces. Don’t be afraid to mix metals. It’s literal real diamonds. And I looked up this designer and most, all of her pieces are at least a thousand dollars. So I’m sure she made this specifically for this box. I will say I expected the packaging to be nicer with how expensive this is retailed app, but I will give you a closeup of what this looks like. I do think that this is really, really pretty and I might package it a little nicer and gift it to my mom as her birthday present, even though I really like this and really want to keep it, it is just very simple, very dainty.

And it has that kind of oval and the diamonds are within the Opal. So I am kinda surprised by this packaging, but I am also surprised that this is real diamond. Cause that’s kind of insane. So I spent a lot of time on that box because I was really excited about it. Yeah. It’s expensive for a box it’s $99 is a lot of money, but I do feel like you actually get your money’s worth. Would I buy it for myself? I’m pretty frugal. So spending $900 is a lot for me, but like I would be thrilled to get this as a Christmas present. I think that this is an awesome box. There’s like every single thing in here I genuinely like, and that’s pretty rare for me. I’m kind of picky. I think that this is actually like a good present idea to get, I dunno, your girlfriend, fiance, wife, mom, whatever, whatever lady in your life.

Very excited about that one. We have five left. The next one, actually, I’m going to go ahead and roll the tape from the other day because it was a flower subscription box. And I had to open that right when I got it. So let’s take a look at that real quick. Hello. It’s me on a different day. This is a box that I have to open the day I get it because it’s fresh flowers. This is Bloom’s Z box. It’s actually a very large box for being flowers. Let me read the little description about it for you before I open it, it says enjoy fresh flowers. Every single week with Bloom’s Z box, their bouquets are handpicked. Can tide sent directly to your doorstep from their sustainable farms around the globe, a subscription of Lindsay box available weekly, biweekly, or monthly simplifies your life by setting your trips and start if you’re the type of person that likes to buy flowers a lot, maybe it’s a good option.

I do buy flowers a lot, but I buy very cheap flowers. I feel like the $4 flowers from trader Joe’s like tells me this is going to be a step above that. Just looking at the monthly plans. It changes if you do like weekly, biweekly, monthly, but monthly plans. The original is $40. The Bloomsday deluxe is 50 and then the booms a premium is 55 and it looks like it’s mostly dependent on the size of the bouquet. So like the original smaller bouquet and then medium isn’t large. So I have no idea which one this is. Go ahead and give it an open. No.

Okay. Well ease of getting it out difficult. Oh, there’s one. There’s two.

This is a hefty bouquet. Wow. Look at that. It’s very colorful. I don’t normally go for colorful bouquets. Personally. This says cold water. Use the flower food, cook off one inch from the stems and remove the lower leaf and then refill the face with water if necessary. Oh, this does not tell me if I was sent the small, medium or large, but looking at it, this looks, this looks pretty big. There’s a lot of flowers in there. So I would definitely guess it’s either the medium or the large. So the 50 or $55 option. It is really pretty. It is really pretty. Thank you Lucy box now to my future self to finish opening the rest of the things that I don’t even know what they are yet, because this is past self. Okay. Moving on. I’m going to try to go through these a little bit quicker.

These videos get so long. Let’s go ahead and do something kind of fun and quirky. This is a Scotia box called Mexi treat. It is $20 a month and you get 25 to 35 like treats from Mexico, like Mexican candies and little snacks. Let’s take a peak. I feel like this is something that my husband would like, God, they’ll say, Oh, there you go. Promo code, got Dulce. Say, and if I find any other promo codes Ellington down below. So go ahead and look down below for all these boxes. And I’ll try my hardest to find something for you. This is gut Dulce. Save 10% on the candy subscription box as well. Oh my goodness. Got CAISO ruffles. You got tons of, Oh my gosh. This is all just so many things. What is this? A mango juice. There’s a lot. The candies in here.

There’s lollipops. This is kind of good. This looks like it has Jimmy on it. I’ll show you a closeup of this one. Cause there’s a lot going on. I won’t take out everything individually, but there’s a little Nieto, something delicious. Honestly, I don’t really speak Spanish. I don’t know what a lot of these labels say. They have food Waco, corn nuts about that. It sounds pretty good. I’ll try to do a closeup of everything in here. I think this is fun to maybe some like a college student, people that love snacks. You know, this is like a fun, maybe like one time thing. I don’t know unless you’re just like a really big snack person. I bet you, my husband Brett is going to be very excited. Oh, here’s a little look inside at like all the different types of things that you can get.

This thing is just stuffed to the brim. Is that a Pez dispenser kind of look at all this. Yup. There’s a lot going on. There’s some savory snacks as well. Some sweet, even some drinks I’m going to go ahead and unbox. There’s a lot of stuff going on here. This is by simply earth. Next next we’ll do the huge, huge, huge box. Um, but this is, it says introducing the easiest way to learn about essential oils and start creating your own natural products. Each box contains four full-sized therapeutic grade, pure essential oils, plies and recipes to create six natural home body and wellness recipes, all natural and nontoxic items. And this is $39 a month and the value is over $150. It is a cute package broken. I went to go check the mail the other day. And at our building, all the packages are always just kind of like sitting on this table and you have to find your own brick was like, Oh, whoever got that?

Got a cool package. And then he was like, Oh wait, it’s you, you got this. He didn’t even know it was, but he just liked the packaging. Okay. At first there’s a box within a box. Oh, it’s a small box. Oh, it looks like there’s a little oil leak, but I’m sure that that’s kind of inevitable. Let’s see what’s down here, down here. Oh, that’s probably what might be leaking. It’s a huge thing of coconut oil. This is a huge thing of bee wax. Oh, we have some liquid coconut oil, some liquid almond oil. Oh my goodness. And so many of these little Amber bottles, I’m sure to make your own blends. I actually know a ton of people that would be really into this, but essential oil community is strong. You know, I have essential oils. I don’t use them very often. I would never say I got like that into it as so many friends.

That really are. There’s so many little things done in here. Oh my word. How many of these things do you need? Hon of containers. Coconut oil, two ways. Olive oil beeswax. And in here, I bet these are the essential oils. Oh wait. There’s so much more in here. Okay. I’ll show you a closeup. Oh, how’d her whole milk. We also have powdered whole milk and dried lavender flowers. I’m going to show you a closeup of all of this. Here is the whole milk and the lavender flowers. And here are the essential oils. We had eucalyptus tranquility, lime and cinnamon. And then all these recipe cards for making a shower, steam, a diffuser blend, a milk bath, a roll on another milk, bath, bath, salt, and stickers for all your creations. Okay. This is a cool concept. It’s kind of like, like when I was a kid, my favorite thing was those little science kits where you could like make your own basketball games or whatever.

So this is like the adult version of it. So I think it’s like a fun hands on activity. I am a very, very busy person. So personally I would just rather buy a bath, you know, like a, like a, like a milk bath and then make a milk bath. But if I had fewer jobs, I have five jobs. If I have fewer jobs, I would probably be into this. I think that this does sound like a lot of mud. I do think that for $39 a month, you get a lot of stuff. You end up with six products that you make yourself. So, okay. We’re going to do the big boy. I think I got to clear off the table for them.


Yes. This came in the mail. I don’t know how much this company pays to ship these things, but this is called the Breo box and it comes in an actual wooden crate. Like this crate was inside a box, but I was like, what? A little quick facts before we open it up. So this is a tech home goods, fitness and lifestyle box. It comes between five and eight products. This is the priciest box out of every single thing we’ve unboxed so far. So this is either 159 a season. So this box is $159. Or you could pay for a full year for five 79, which comes to one 44, a Bach. I linked this down below. Um, I can find info as to what the box normally values that as far as like all the individual products, add it up, but let’s go ahead and see if this is worth $159.

Oh, this does. Okay. So the total value of everything in here is worth two 60. So spend a 50, whatever valued at two 60, it saves you about a hundred. Assuming you love everything in here, which kind of the risk that people have to do. Well, just take, but let’s see. There’s a lot of stuff in here. Oh, okay. So this is a portable and fuser bottle. These are actually really cool. That’s a nice sleek bottle. There’s like a little leather thing around it from the Sioux shop. The first thing this is from he house, it says, Oh, so that bottle is valued at $25. This is a three to tea tasting set valued at $15. So this comes with three teas. There’s a Nepal, mystic, a roasted almonds and a ginger grapefruit tea, which I guess it’s good to have this bottle. One of these smells really good though.

I’m not a huge, huge tea fan. Um, besides macho, I’m probably the biggest macho fan you’ll ever meet, but I feel like tea is something that I will get into in the future. This is kind of funny. This is a premium shoe cleaner classic kit. So it’s to carefully clean your leather shoes. I did just recently get leather shoes. So the section might come in handy. This is valued at $14. And may there’s several things on here that saves you an inmate. So I’m just going to assume they all go together. This is, Oh, make everything fit. A vacuum travel well kit. I’m actually going on a trip starting and like two days. So this might come in handy, vacuum seal your extra clothes and save 70% of the space downgrade that checked back to a carry on or just bring more. This is actually very handy.

So this is valued at $70. They also give you four additional storage bag. I actually would never think to buy just for myself, but I feel like I would get a lot of use. You said this might be one thing that I actually keep for myself. Then there is a yoga manual. Oh, this is cool. I feel like my mom has gotten really into yoga lately. So this is something that she would really like. This is valued at $20. It’s just a nice book that has everything you need to dive headfirst into the practice. It says that’s actually really cute fun thing. Oh, I’ll save the big ticket item in here for last. This is an airlock bag. Reseller. This is valued at $16. There’s a microthermal sealer in here that helps you reseal things like chip bags that might be handy necessary, no handy, maybe.

And last but not least, this is the big ticket item in here. Oh man, can I even get it out? There we go. There we go. This is valued at all hundred dollars. This is the smart garden three. It says the easier way to grow plants period. So it has an led light for germination and growth. It has a water tank to make sure that the plants are always watered there’s oxygen and nutrients. It says our wide selection of 40 plus edibles include Medo parsley, strawberry lettuce, poke it up. Plant Chile. All you do is you fill up the tank and your power and on, and your first sprouts will appear in one to two weeks. That’s actually really cool. I’m in Christmas mode. So I’m like, what friends do I have that love like plants and like eating clean and healthy. This would make a really good gift to give to them.

That was by far the most unique box. I think I’ve ever unboxed. There was a lot of really cool products that I’ve never seen before. So though it was pricey. It’s it’s pretty cool. And we have one left. Last one left surprised this is me later, the exact same day that I unboxed the other nine boxes because I just had a 10th arrive at my door and it is perishable. So I basically got to include it in this video right now. And it has the word chocolate on the outside. So go ahead and open it up and see what we can find out about this book. This is by chocolate purveyors. Oh Kiko. And they did include a promo code. That is Jancee 10, $10 off your first box. Let’s see what’s inside. And then I’ll see if I can find anything out about the pricing of this.

Okay. There’s a couple cool packs. I’m glad I opened it just now and inside. We have Ooh, a ton of chocolate. We have a Colombian cacao chocolate. Awesome. I’m excited about all this. This looks like a Venezuelan chocolate bar. That sounds incredible. Ooh, look at this packaging. So cute. 70% dark chocolate from the Solomon Islands. Very pretty, but wait, there’s more so there’s four bars of chocolate in here. This one’s a little bit open. This is summits single plantation chocolate from Madagascar. Oh, that sounds great. And they all came in this cute little burlap bag. Let me look up real quick, how much it costs. So this is a monthly box. You get one every single month. Oh, 34 99. Not going to lie. That’s a little more pricey than I was expecting, but every single month to get three to five premium bars. So what’s 35 divided by four that comes to about $8 and 75 cents per chocolate bar, which I do know chocolate can be pretty pricey sometimes.

So this might just be for like the chocolate connoisseur that spends a lot of money on chocolate and it might be at a more discounted rate, but this is also like, this is a nice little Valentine’s gift to get someone to some like very, very nice chocolate instead of that crappy like Hershey’s chocolate. What a fun little surprise. Actually at the end of the video, I asked all of my friends blog fan, but they wanted me to unbox this because I have previously unboxed this and a lot of people were curious about it. We’ll say they wanted to see a second box from this brand to kind of see like how consistent the products are and the types of things that typically come in it because you can get a better idea from seeing two boxes than one. This is cohorted and it is a beauty box.

It started in the UK, but they’re now shipping everywhere. And it’s 39 99 euros, which is about $45. And they typically, I think have like pretty full sized products. If I could remember from last time, which is usually what I like, this is the October box and you’re probably not seeing this to like almost December. So this box is definitely not out, but it gives you the general idea. They are a monthly box. I don’t know if this is an ad or something that comes inside of it, but this is three tea bags. There’s a green tea or will tea and a black tea here. That’s what he tells me. That’s just an ad. Not actually something that is part of the box, but let’s see what actually is in here. This is the last box, by the way of this video in here. Oh, we have three sheet masks.

There is a moisturization sheet mask conditioning. Oh, footmask so face mask, a foot mask and a hand mask. So all parts of your body can be masked. Each one of these masks is valued at 10, 15 and $10. So wow. These three together, I value that $35. That’s more than I thought here is a perfecting or radiance primer, Mimi. And I’m going to show you all these closeups at once again, just to save time. So, Oh wait, these are all euros, not dollars, but this is valued at 16 year olds, which I’m not going to actually open this because I’m probably going to end up giving this away and to give away. Cause I have primaries right now, but there’s a couple things from this brand or it’s also a lash to lash volume addition. I actually am out of my mascara. This is a carbon black multitasking mascara.

It might be good timing for me. This is valued at about 10 euros. We have a, I can’t read most of the words on here. Eight hour retexturing and antioxidizing hyaluronic facial Sarah from avant, but Oh my gosh, this is valued at 90 euros. This tiny little thing that is crazy. That makes me curious and wants to try it. But like this feels like a, it feels like a sample size. No, but this is, this is the real thing. Yeah. One ounce is 90 euros. Crazy. What is this? A coconut oil gel, rich kid, coconut oil gel. I GK this is valued at 25 euros. This might be a good addition to my experiment. Me trying to figure out the best way to let my hair naturally air dry for my weird kind of wavy kind of, not that I’m experimenting, but this is literally the air, dry your hair and have better waves.

So that’s handy. And one last thing. This is a you glow girl, your doesn’t jelly like eye shadow. Interesting. Oh, this can be used as a highlighter or an eye shadow. It’s holographic, which is not my vibe, but I do have some friends that are like, what do you, what does the nice word for rape girls? They would probably like this. This is valued at 10 euros. I’ll go ahead and give you a closeup of all these products at once. You can see them. It’s the very expensive serum. The mascara, the hair wave cream is the holographic jelly eye shadow. And down here we have the three different masks. Wow. Oh my goodness. Every time I do this, I get so excited about all the new things. And there’s like so many things and I’m excited to share a lot of these with you. If you’re new to my channel, I am doing my next giveaway whenever I hit 50 K, I don’t know when that will be, but since it’s the most milestone number that I’ve hit thus far, it’s wanting to be a very, very big way.

So if you want to be a part of that, go ahead and subscribe. And that way, whenever that comes around you CA Oh my goodness. I have like, I have like so much stuff to away from so many subscription box unboxings and PR boxes and everything like that. And so a lot of us will be included in that as well. I love doing these types of videos. If there’s any specific boxes that are super unique, that you want to see me open, let me know. I can try my best to reach out to them or on the reverse. As I said, at the beginning of the video, if you have a box and want me to inbox it, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to do that. The next go around. Whenever I get another eight to 10 boxes here, sounds like a lot of fun to me. I love you guys so much. Thank you for hanging out with me per usual. I always have a blast and I will see you in a video very soon. Bye

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