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13 Amazon Running Products You Don’t Know About, But Should

13 Amazon Running Products You Don’t Know About, But Should
Updated: December 5, 2020
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We all know that I’m an uber saver. Not like the car, but like I’m seriously in to finding ways to maximize my dollars because that means more money for runcations and let’s be honest running shoes.

But Amazon Prime Day for running gear is a time I can’t pass up.

The fabulous news is that some running gear could make your life easier, save you money by extending the life of your gear, making your runs more enjoyable so you do them more, which we all know means better health!

Amazon Prime Day for Runners

Amazon Prime Benefits

I’m not trying to sell you on a prime membership, you probably already know if you’ll benefit from no minimum spends, faster shipping, access to early sales. But one of the things that we have used a TON is Amazon Prime Music.

Prime Day is your chance to get extra deals as a member:

Why I pay for Prime?

Besides the shipping…

I can actually download music for free. Then on race day, I’ll set my phone to offline and it will use those songs without me having any worries about needing cell service or using up data! This was such an eye opener on a few races where we go through tunnels, lots of high rises or canyons.

Either way, I’d take advantage of the free 30-day trial now or ohhh say around the holidays to get your SHIZNIT on time! Plus, they now partner with Whole Foods and have been sending me a $20 coupon just to place an order, which meant post Ultramarathon I could lay in bed and order my food.

Cyber Monday Runday

I’ll be sending out special discounts on all Run To The Finish ebooks and even some coaching one’s, so if you aren’t on the email list you better do that ASAP!!!

In the meantime, get ready to embrace Amazon Prime Day deals and then I’ll let you know if they do something awesome for Black Friday like they did last year ($300 off the Garmin Fenix!).

Amazon Running Gifts

You know it’s my mission to test out loads of gear and find the best things, but sometimes I also love just finding the things that aren’t already on your radar!

I’ve told you about GPS watches and running socks, but what else could you be missing out on??

Mark these items so you can double check them for extra deals on Prime Day or just add them to your own wish list for the next time someone asks you about a runner gift idea!



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