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4 habits that will keep you focused on weight loss

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Even when you’re focused on losing weight, sometimes a difficult or bad day can easily throw you off course and influence you to skip the gym, go straight home, and binge on your favorite junk foods.

While having a scheduled cheat day is healthy, having too many “bad” days or cheat days can result in loss of focus on your weight-loss goals. Then, a month later, you’re feeling baffled as to why you’ve gained a few pounds or why you’re starting to struggle with your routine at the gym.

Losing focus on your weight-loss goals can eventually result in loss of motivation and failure to lose weight, which can be especially frustrating for all individuals who struggle with weight loss. However, there’s no reason to feel worried — there are ways you can refocus and dive back into healthy eating and a regular exercise routine.

Here are four habits you can practice that will help you stay focused on weight loss.

1. Verify that your goals are realistic

If you find that you’re feeling frustrated or upset about trying to reach your weight-loss goals, it’s possible that perhaps your goals aren’t very realistic. For example, if you wear a size 20, it’s unrealistic that you’ll be wearing a size 8 within a month or two after going on a diet or having weight-loss surgery. Make sure that the goals you make can be met within a reasonable amount of time so you can stay motivated and focused on meeting those goals.

2. Make time for relaxation

Don’t get caught up in thinking you need to eat healthy and exercise seven days per week, 100 percent of the time. Even professional athletes take at least one day a week to allow their muscles and bodies to fully recover from their daily exercise routines and strict diets. Take time out to relax, and don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for making room in your busy schedule to do so.

3. Remember that mistakes happen and nobody’s perfect

If you accidentally eat too much or take an extra day off from the gym, keep in mind that nobody’s perfect, and that mistakes do happen. If you stray from your diet or exercise routine, just make sure you’re ready to jump back into your routine the following day.

4. Reward yourself regularly

Losing weight isn’t easy. Not only may you be pushing yourself hard during your workouts, but you’re also adhering to a healthy diet, both of which take great willpower. Find ways to reward yourself throughout your journey to weight loss, whether it be in the form of new exercise clothing, new songs for your workout mix, or a bite or two of your favorite desserts. Your rewards should ultimately make you feel positive and proud for having stuck to your weight-loss routine in the first place.



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