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4 Ways to Revitalize Your Exercise Routine

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Here's a list of  charity marathons:

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
Girls on the Run 5K. 
St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend.
Run for the Water.
Chosen Half Marathon. 
Parkinson's Half Marathon and 5K.
Wounded Warrior Carry Forward 5K.
JDRF One Walk.

Make it a Win-Win !!!

Paula Henry - MBL Founder

Getting stuck in an exercise rut isn’t unusual for most health-conscious individuals — including those who have been exercising consistently for years.

Sometimes we get bored of doing the same workouts day after day, week after week, or perhaps we feel as if our current fitness routine is no longer challenging. Whatever the case may be, switching up and revamping your exercise routine is exactly what you might need to stay motivated and on track for weight loss.

Instead of giving up and deciding to stay home in place of going to the gym just because you’re fed up with working out, try these four ways to revitalize your current exercise routine.

1. Spend more time outdoors

If you typically work out indoors at home or at the gym, consider taking your fitness routine outside for a change. Not only will you benefit from a change of scenery, but the fresh air can help clear your mind and promote better sleep hygiene. Swap out the stationary bike for a bike ride on a nearby trail or go running in your neighborhood instead of on the treadmill.

2. Participate in a charity marathon or race

Most U.S. cities and communities will host a series of races and marathons for the sake of promoting and raising money for a charitable cause. A race or marathon is a great way to engage in extra physical activity with friends and family, and could be considered a major milestone for those who have had weight-loss surgery. Search the Internet for races and marathons in your local area, and make plans to attend at least one event per year.

3. Intensity your current fitness routine

If you’re bored with your current workout routine, it could also be because you’re not challenging yourself enough. For example, if you truly enjoy running on the treadmill, increase both the incline and speed to make yourself sweat a little more. Or, select one of the pre-programmed interval workouts to change things up and keep your workout exciting. Whatever exercises you’re currently doing, increase the intensity so you’re working harder and burning more fat within the same amount of time.

4. Be more physical throughout the day

If a controlled routine or gym setting isn’t your preferred way to go about getting exercise, find new ways to be more physical throughout the course of the day. Park as far away as you can from the office or from the grocery store, and always take stairs instead of escalators. Take longer walks after dinner or with your pet, and do some type of physical activity during your breaks at work. Look for opportunities that allow you to be more active every day so you can continue to burn calories and lose weight.



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