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6 Habits To Use Under Extreme Pressure

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Stress and pressure are unavoidable parts of life.

Stress and pressure have increased in the world we’re living in today. As we watch and experience the effects of coronavirus on the world, Many struggle to handle it all. What’s the best way to cope with the stress and pressure?

As we progress through quarantine, it’s easy to give up on valuable habits and fall into old routines. Falling back into bad habits can be a difficult cycle to break. In this episode of the On Purpose podcast, Jay Shetty talks about six life-changing habits that will help you keep the stress and pressure you feel at a minimum.

These six habits are easy to practice in everyday life, and most are probably quite familiar. Jay Shetty’s advice gives deep insight on practicing these habits so you can work through the stress and pressure at your own pace.

Habit One: Breathing

The first habit to start using when you’re under pressure or feeling stressed is breathing. Controlling your breathing is an amazing skill that allows for mental clarity, leading to clearer direction and presence in the moment.

It’s easy to fall into worrying about the future and about the change that’s happening right now. When we start worrying about the future or regretting things of the past, we lose touch with the present moment. It can become a vicious cycle, which only results in more stress and more pressure. Breathing helps break the cycle.

“Breathing brings us back into the present moment,” Jay Shetty said, “because your breath is right here, right now.”

Another cause of the stress and pressure we’re all feeling is a misalignment in our body and our mind. What does that mean? Jay Shetty explains the misalignment of mind and body like this:

“In the morning when you wake up, you lay in bed thinking about all the things you need to do that day,” he said. “Your mind is racing while your body is just waking up. Alternately, sometimes you’re racing around the house doing things, but mentally you’re still in bed.”

Misalignment of the body and mind causes friction and tension, leading to more stress and pressure on us. Breathing brings back our awareness and brings back into sync.

Breathwork is also super powerful for athletes. Many times athletes, including Shetty’s friend, tennis player Novak Djokovic, use breathing when they’re in intense athletic situations to help their performance. Breathing brings them back in the moment and helps them find a balance.

So where do we start? Jay Shetty shares three breathing techniques that are easy to put into practice.

Three Breathing Techniques

For the first breathing technique, put your left palm on your stomach. When you breathe in, feel your stomach expand. When you exhale, feel your stomach come in. This simple, yet effective technique helps you monitor your breathing and return to calm.

The second breathing technique is called 4-7-8 Breathing.



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