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A 30-min Bodyweight Tabata Workout

A 30-min Bodyweight Tabata Workout
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Ever since I tried on the Brooks Glycerin running shoe in early March, it feels like I haven’t taken them off.

They quickly became my go-to at the start of the pandemic and even got a little personalization on the plane ride home from Bahamas.

Tommy spilled his watercolor paint on them while flying and my Instagram followers loved the added color. Some thought they were intentionally tie dyed sneakers and wanted a pair for themselves! To be honest, I didn’t mind the color splash and have continued to wear them as if I didn’t notice.

Was Tommy on to something? Should I have colored the entire shoe to make them more “tie dye”? The formerly white kicks however are currently looking more like a gray.

Regardless of their color, they really are one of the most comfortable running shoes I’ve worn in a long time. With a global pandemic, shopping in stores for sneakers is challenging. Normally, I’d tell my audience to go to a store, try on a bunch of styles and pick the one that’s right for them! But now, that’s super hard to tell someone to do as these stores, at least in Massachusetts are still closed or just opening up! Easy shipping and returns suddenly are what everyone wants/needs when it comes to finding shoes and clothing.

I buy most of our families shoes on Zappos for their quick, free shipping, large selection and 24/7 customer service. They even have a 365 day return policy which is saving me now because I still need to return a pair I got for Tommy before the Bahamas!  It’s free to become a rewards member and gives you expedited shipping too for last minute orders.

For the summer, I’m trying a non-tie dyed pair of road-running shoes from Brooks, the Glycerin 18  that are part of the ‘Run Wild Collection’ a limited-edition one-of-a-kind set inspired by our fast friends in the animal kingdom with custom snakeskin patterns, mine however are just a pretty pastel pink perfect for summer.  They feature new, integrated GuideRails to support a smoother than ever run with just-right cushioning that softens every step. The Glycerin 18 gets you closer to running on clouds. With added stretch in the upper and full-length, super-soft cushioning, this running shoe is the final word on comfort.

What I love about this shoe is that it feels like you’re running on clouds. I do find that they also run true to size! I am a size 8 for reference.

Without a gym or space really to do weights now, I’ve been running a lot more. I’ve been running to the Charles River and doing little HIIT workouts down there to keep mileage low as it has not been my best friend for my knees, calves or IT band. Here is what we did last week.

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